Watch Sura Movie Audio Release Function|SUN TV 18-04-10

Watch Sura Movie Audio Release Function online telecastes in Sun TV 18-04-10

Sura Audio was released by Hansraj Saxena of Sun TV who has procured the distribution rights of the film and received by Vijay and Tamannah. The prominent guest list includes Sundar C, Sibiraj, Riyaz Khan and Uma Riyaz Khan, Ramanarayanan, K S Ravikumar, Parthiban, Vadivelu, Sonia Agarwal, Srikanth along with the lead stars of the film and the technical crew.

To Validate the difference an editing can bring, what we mean was there was no claps when Sun Pictures was announced, In these videos

Look at the unedited version shot my mobile cam

Sura Audio Release Function-18.04.10
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  1. Anonymous

    sun pictures does not seem to Promote Sura, instead they are self promoting.Idiots there was no claps from audience when Sun Pictures was talked about in the original video from the link given.Sun TV seems to have added artificial claps…

    Sura is Vijays Movie,sun pictures is stealing the credits of thalapathy..

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