Watch Simbus Vettai Mannan teaser Video

Simbu Vettai Mannan Teaser

Vettai Mannan teaser Video

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa gave Simbu a wider appeal among his fans for his boyish looks, but to wish that the young actor holds on to his neat image that was loved by many seems a little too much to ask. The talented actor sheds his lover boy image and returns back to his evil ways in his next flick. The latest teaser for his upcoming movie Vettai Mannan has Simbu clad in a brown jacket gripping his fingers tightly at the trigger, and spinning the cigarettes in ‘Now-You-Know Who’ style.

The slick teaser video invites viewers with a bald tattooed-head engaged in a busy phone call facing the opposite way. Soon we see the silhouette of a gangsta appearing with the light creeping through the dark dungeon where our motta-gangsta is busily chatting away.In a flick of a second the screen is smeared with blood stains with the bald guy receiving a head shot triggered by none other than our hero, assuring fans of “AN INTENSE TRAVEL THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD…”

While our sympathy goes out to the dead motta-gangsta we have to admit that the teaser is bound to attract many with its visual appeal.     




  1. Tamil Movie Rasigan!

    OMG, now he is Young Super Star!!! not sure how many super star fans will accept this.. I guess Simbu is just going to be booooed more and more becasue of this.. However, I never deny that Simbu is a great actor!!

  2. Kindal

    Ivankku Kolar Vaiththa Sattaiya Kodukkatheenga Enru Eththana Thadava Sonnalum Ketka Maatteengala??????? >:o
    Kannadiya Pantila Poottu Irukkiran
    Mothirattha Kaluththila Poottu Irukkiran
    Underwarea Kalulula Poottu Irukkaano?????????? *DONT_KNOW*

  3. Smile

    Yaarume Superstar edatha pidikka mudiyadhu.When there are so many talented and experienced actors(avangale adangikittu erukanga),modhal padathulaiye thanakku thane little super starnu pattam koduthirukku.I must say he did well in VTV aana overa scene podradhudhan niruthanam.

  4. Vasin

    Your and the old style is ‘say you get 90 in math and work for 100 so even if you get 90 people won’t mock you’;  timid; new style is ‘say you go for 100; if you get 90 many people would mock you but modern positive Indians would like your attitude. I have started liking Simbu. 

  5. DK

    vasin’ne summa vidunge paa…avanukku TR meley pithu pidichurukku..vasin manasulle yaaru,avangalukku yenna peru???

  6. Unmai Vilambi

    Does he thinks he is Jason stathm in action or Vin diesel? Oh no!!!!let’s wait and watch… the movie shapes up??

  7. citizen

    I do not understand y so many of u hate him so much ! U go around using cuss words as soon as someone talks gud bout him. If you do not have nething gud to say then say nuthin at all ! I think he makes an effort and will be able to suit a huge array of roles someday, as opposed to someone like Danush for example, who is a joke when he comes as a don or as the ultimate action hero. Simbu has attitude and I guess it is difficult for some ppl to digest tht. Neways let the swearing begin, afterall u cannot write anything constructive.

  8. Loyalty

    alot of people are jelous of him..i dunno why…!!come on guy…he was tryin to be a good actor….so pls support or dont crictic him…

  9. G

    Ya guys. I’m not his fan but I think he deserve a break. I think he is really trying to change. So just wish him all the best. Live And Let Others Live guys.

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