Watch Panam Short Film

Panam Short Film

Watch Panam Short Film

Main Cast: Manikandan,Ayyapan

Theme: Cobbler’s son who despite being topper at school fails to be admitted at the higher secondary level due to poverty.

Panam Short Film



  1. Kabilan

    Romba azhagana kathainga… samuthayathukku thevaiyana vishayathai thelliva kaatti irukeenga Shahul…

    naatla ithu mathiri niraya peru padikka aarvam irunthum panamillama kashta padaranga… namma mathiri padichu computer thuraiyila irrukka makkal ithumathiri kuzhanthaigalukku kandippa uthavanum…

  2. Urvashi


    This is really a good piece of work; a situation not only in TN but across India. Play this video during election campaigns. This is the age-old state of affair in India. No IT or Cricket or Cinema can change this situation. Economic Creamy Layers enjoys the best from the government and its policies. The day, the real benefits reach those deserving people, there will be millions of short films to voice their pain; the government will pretend to be heeding and helping in vain.

    You can send this video to film festivals:

    Please let us know if you need any assistance in shooting more short films like this….

    “Policies and benefits justified, poverty will be a thing of past”….

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