Watch Ajith’s Exclusive Interview TO NDTV We Connect

Watch Ajith talk at the we connect face talk to NDTV HINDU on his two diverse careers as an actor and a driver.

And Ajith talks on his weight issues for the race, and more  watch the video



  1. Anonymous

    A true gentleman…..wat a knowledge he has in his field..wonderful….really nice to see someone with good knowledge in the film industry….
    Vijay knows only abt girls…how to kiss the lips of heroines….and how to take heroines for lease by both father and son….

  2. Anonymous

    Guys, Ajith is Good, but I don't understand Y U hav to talk abt Vijay here and compare. U guys hav to keep in mind tat they both are here only to entertain us.Wat do u guys get by putting Vijay down.Nobody is going appreciate u for tat.

  3. Anonymous

    Its really motivating … "Muyarchi saithal samaayathula … Muthuku Thankumm Immayathaayee…" All the best. Managing two different tracks (Film & Sports) along with Family is not easy. Hats off to you…

  4. Anonymous

    If you absorb the first set video, he is debating comparing cricket and motor racing. Its true most of the houses having four wheel vehicle, but it doesn't mean motor racing is not expensive. Who will spend or sponsor petrol. Its totally stupid debate. She is clearly telling, if we have 3 stemps, bat and ball is enough to practice the sport, but not in motor race. When you r in rome be a roman. Think and talk is my best request. Everyone is watching you.

  5. Anonymous

    Ajith is the example of selfconfidence and self motivation. He is doing his part in the film industry and vijay is doing his own part. Why go compare both of them again and again ? what do U get by this? nothing in the end. In fact both appeared together as friends in a recent birthday function video right? so pls just stop such stupid comparisons.

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