Yuvanshankar Raja Islam

Yuvan Shankar Raja converts to Islam

Yuvanshankar Raja Islam

Yuvan Shankar Raja converts to Islam



    1. axxo

      on wat basis u r telling its haram? is it all kind of music? if not why the use of mobile phone?
      why the use TV channels? why the waves?

      is there any verses in quran directly tells music is haram? why quran recitation is a kind of music?

      there are 2 or 3 hadeeth avaialable. authenticity of it is not that strong. check about it.
      but ofcourse most of today’s music are not divine. so upto a level it can be haram. but at the same time u cannot completely tell it is.

  1. Ori

    Modi must ban Islam in India. Or the better solution is chase all Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and make the greater India a Hindu, Sikh and Christian country.

  2. junaid

    Dear bro basheer,
    he has just entered, pls make dua for him, and encourage one who accepts islam.
    and bro ori
    pls check with islamic books and quran the islams holy book, and then make decesion, who knows you too may like it.

    1. sentinel

      Which Islamic books you want us to check?? are you saying your hate mongering killers from Al qaeda to Laskar e Jhangvi have not read Islamic books?? Go listen to hate mongering terror lover Zakir Naik who says no other religion will be allowed in Muslim countries..Are you saying blasphemy laws in Pakistan have been framed without consulting books?…your books simply teach how to kill non Muslims or impose jizya on others. Its hard to understand how fools like Yuvan can fall for this trap.

      1. Ori

        It is useless to speak to Muslims. They are causing trouble in every part of the world. When the time comes we should send all of them to Saudi Arabia. If they refuse let them convert back to Hinduism. If they can’t do that then quarantine them to use as slaves.

  3. mohamed jubiril

    yellaam valla iraivanin thirumaraiyana qurannai nangu

    katrukollavendum any way your work is no;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; haràm

    Basheer foul bro I am very like yuvan

  4. Ruzny

    He is very fortunate. May Allah forgive his pass sins and enhance his spiritual power(Emaan) and knowledge to become true Muslim.
    Allah only can guide those who seek help.

    1. sentinel

      what do true Muslims do? hack people to death like they did in London few days ago..or behead Ahmedias, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs like they do in Pakistan almost every single day..or do they chase out HIndus like they do in Bangladesh by the Jamat i Islamic terrorists?? shame on Yuvan, for leaving the beautful religion of his ancestors for a religion that claims it is the only true one.

  5. muhammed sufyan

    dear junaid you are very good person to guide our basher,we don’t make jealous anyone….soon they will be accept us

    1. moizo

      A religion which teach that you can do anything to just propagate the religion and god will save you,at ANY COST spread the religion and killing to propagate religion will make you to haven etc etc…
      shame! shame! shame!

      Please think think think!

      learn to be peaceful and remember religion is just a path to reach the god , don’t make the religion it work like an organization/group which misguide the followers and to spread it like virus.

      Most of the religions are good but the followers making it look like bad. But unfortunately islam has many issue in the base it self which is really very bad. There is nothing about spiritualism in islam it’s about JUST PRAYING(without really doing any research within yourself) and misguiding others in the society and pulling them into the poisonous circle.

  6. Ori

    What are you Hindu folk doing? Come on. Show your objection. Don’t keep quiet. This is why Moguls were able spread Islam making inroads into Punjabis and Bengalis which has caused India losing wealth and land to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Don’t be like potato sacks. Show objection please. Even killing muslims is no sin. They are a virus.

    1. Tamizhan

      Hey Coward! whom you call to kill muslims! If you have guts, identify yourself and star in front! If you really follow your religion, you won’t bark like this! grow man! you can’t instruct people what to do!

        1. Tamizhan

          You smell filthy… stay away! Only SOB call others SOB. take care of your mom!
          Btw, Millions of people follow islam. You can’t wipe off islam with your rotten mouth! cool off your burning stomach!

          1. Ori

            You Muslims are dead cow eating hyenas. Don’t talk about smelling; we know who smell bad. Yes, there are a lot of hyenas around but they will be wiped out one day.

      1. murali

        i am surprised yuvan is such a horny guy that he wants to copulate so many women..take care of ur health ..muslims are trouble makers…all over the world

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