TN lady Inspector caught on camera while taking bribe

Tamil Nadu Lady Inspector Indirani of Udumalpet was caught on cameras of Video subramaniam while taking bribe of Rs 10,000 from a electric shop owner in Karattankadu. Indirani was on the way to enquire to the owner of the electrical shop Saravana on a child kidnap case.

Later the Camera man inclusive of 7 other were arrested, while a case inquiry is to be conducted on Indirani.

unedited video



  1. Anonymous

    OMG!!!! if this s the case when will our country become a developed nation….SHAME that a police officer is threatened by a public person..

  2. antynoms

    The police bride is prohibited, bu the police ask for forgive and she is crying, y that guy did not live her,,,,,,,and agian making her torcher, bulshit subramaniam

  3. AK

    Antha Lady SI mela sevioura action edukanum…. kaval thurai avangaluku ethira enna nadavadikkai eduthathu ellarukum theria vendum….

  4. vijay

    intha mathiri lanjam vaangura kaval  athigaarigalala   nalla kaval adhigarigalukkum ketta peyar…….    

  5. Tamizhan

    Why should he leave the lady..She should have thought before ask for bribe..She must be punished as she has misused her power

  6. sk

    yaru than vangala. is everybody caught or is this going to be lesson for everybody.
    nothing is going to happen. why to unnecessarily make her to cry.

  7. Tamilan

    I am happy to see that admin published this vidoe in this site…. It was me who send this video yesterday in the common chat..

    "THis will make awareness to govt officer, that it is no more they can play with the common people…"

    Thanks team.



  9. amudhan

    Thanks to the admin and the contributor!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pl spread the news so that this sick officials will learn a lesson,

    Btw what happened the cameraman…

  10. meera

    admin, what happened to that camera man. I think police has filed case agsinst him. Case filing is in their hands , they will play according to their needs.

  11. Tamizhan (thalayezhuthu of being so)

    Indha amma thozhilukku (lanjam Vaangudhal) pudhusu pola adhaan maatikittango. Apadi paartha namma CM'a jatti'yoda oda vidanum. andha CM'ku seat kodutha nam makkalukku kovil kattanum. Moral : Indha naadum naattu makkalum nasamai pogattum (poyachu!!!!!).

  12. Tamizhan (thalayezhuthu of being so)

    I agree with you tamizha!!!. Do you know what exactly the case is. its about a child kidnap. how can anyone leave a lady who gets her part of her bribe for such case. what will u say if u have kids . think about it twice before posting.

  13. innoru Tamizhan or Indian

    lets talk about this issue without political bias.
    bravo effort by the guy
    I feel sorry for her plight ………… what else can she do as part of the society
    I once used to call it hypocrisy going with the flow…………not anymore …………….. i have given up the fight
    Still pinches a nerve …… when i see wrong ……….. slowly I will get used to it.
    Despite everything cops are the ones who have the most power and they end up abusing it brutally.
    Alas ……… who cares you can always bribe your way out. Money really is powerfull.

  14. truth

    GUYS, If you really care, Change the top level (CM)  corruption. If the leader is good, everyone will be good. If the leader is corrupt, everyone will try to do corruption. 

  15. babu

    This lady famous for bribe, she already caught on July 30 2010 for some other incident asking bribe.  Visual proof also submitted but nothing happened, now she is started again.  Refer this news from The HINDU.

    So what is going on with TN government especially Karunanidhi is responsible for police department?  with in a month she again started asking bribe… Just like previous incident Karunanidhi govt will dillute this case, redirect to camera man as criminal.    Poor Camera man family going to suffer with full of police torture,  Please Tirupur's guys help camera man to come out from this case and safe guard his family.

  16. கனவு

    திருடர்கள் ஜாக்கிரதை!!!!!!
    யார் திருடர்கள்?????

  17. Peru

    Ayyyyyyyo Ayyoooooooooooo……………..Eppa ethellam namma naattuku sakachamappa
    Intha naadu eppothume urupada porathilla……… Namma naatu ku intha thala ezthu maranumu na…….athuku namma arasial thalai varkal maranum

    kadaisiya makkal anna naama enna pudngi kittu irukkom………  oruthen mela irunthu kittu kenathanama rules poduvan……….nama atha kedtukittu ippadi comments thaan adipome thavira……..onnum pudungha pora thilla.

    Either stop giving bribe or do a small change that will change the society and stop saying that same old bull shit "LET HIM CHANGE THEN I WILL CHANGE".


    Thalaivarikalai vida enn medthum enn makkal medthum miguntha kopam konda oru satharana manithan.

  18. tamilan chennai

    pls all the good people (each indian)join your hands together to make power and strong support to eradicate the corruption
    in tamilnadu sudan manigandan

  19. anonymous

    It is not another incident, its the same july incident being posted now. Have a look at the date below the video been recorded.

  20. manoj

    every district they should be one video subramaniam then only corruption can be reduced to some level…good work video subrammainam…see the police arrested that videographer not the lady police who is doing corruption….lets us encourage the video subramaniam for his social work.

  21. adapavingala

    See hw many of u guys wanted to punich this lady…………. if u guys used ur office internet and time to post these comments, means there is no diff between u and that lady……….. every one is doing mistake in their own way……. more over that lady doesnt seems to be a aragant lady tooo……… she is also in the age of our mom……… please think about that……. video subramani is a stupid……… there are many moral police like this…….. ask that subu to take a video of a well known politician come rowdy (dada of madurai) and his group………………. see i am not supporting people those who are bribing…….. u people are driving without valid licesence… u are jumping the signal……. u are not wearing helmet……… finaly if a police caught u ……. wht will u do……… u will do everything as per law……….. every one came across these situations………. so dont try to act tooooooooo smart if a inocent get caught…… 

  22. one who loves INDIA

    hay dudde

    Pls remember one thing unless the rules r nt strict no one will be proper.
    by the way Ruls r ment to Break sep in INDIA

    I Love India
    India Rocks

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