Tamil Nadu Election 2011 Short Film

Watch Tamil Nadu Election 2011 Short Film directed by Renga

Dialogues written by Renga, Chkara Sampath
Music : jay Krishnan
Camera: Prakash and Karthik Raja
Graphics: Karthik Raja



  1. Urvashi

    Awsome guys!

    If we are not going to stop it now; we’ll ever do it and never think of it.

    How many of you acted in this video are going to vote? See that old man ‘Anna Hazare” at this age fighting for our kids.

    India is going to be black-listed for all aspects, if corruption continues. If this continues, no country is going to respect our degrees and expertise….

    Then, we’ll end up living as a third-rated citizens in foreign countries compromising our cultures and traditions – letting our daughters getting screwed by a foreigner; our sons sleeping with white, yellow, black beauties in the bedroom next to us when we are old…..

  2. Tamil Bhaktha


    U r dirty not DMK party, what do u think AIADMK(Jayalalitha) is Pure? she is one bitch…..

    U people dont have courtesy, how much karunanidhi has helped poor compared to other states, he has given lot of Aids to the needy people,,,,,,which state is not corrupt? Observe Karanataka politics Yeddiyurappa has already steal 3/4th of Karnataka’s wealth by Misguiding people and spreading communal voilence..

    Apart from 2G there is no other remarks on Karunanidhi’s party, this 2G is also not DMK is responsible even NDA is part of it, so try to be loyal or Thankful to the person who helps rather than being disloyal and fraudulent…..

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