T Rajendar the rapper in Vinu Food Products Ad Video

T Rajendar in Vinu Foods Ad

Enjoy our own T Rajendar’s performance in Vinu Food Products Ad.

T Rajendar the rapper in Vinu Food Products Ad



  1. tamilan

    nice song, great job done by TR, …….. but instead of him if some one acted in this ad, it will very nice than this, any how it will become popular that sure.

  2. owl

    I was shocked, for a sec i thought “OH MY GOD THERES A GORILA BEHINDE THAT WOMAN IN THE KITCHEN” specially at the end of the ad where he is holding that masala pack in his hand.

  3. owl

    =-O  I was shocked for a second i thought “OH MY GOD theres a Gorila standing behind that woman in the kitchen” specially at the end of the ad where he was holding that masala packet in his hand.

  4. Pechamukha

    Hello T R Fan Guys,

    what his contribtion to Tamil cinemas guys? wat he has done, has he constructed any prayer hall, nor any charitable trust to poor people, nor did he arrange marriage for poor people, nor acted freely in movies, what he has done? ?????????? can u just explain……….U fools dont motivate such kind of people who is leading there life by begging with people by dancing in front of audience….

    Becuase of like u people India is having maximum waste human resource without indulging in any inventing ideas…

  5. cicak

    why are you getting so emotional for?

    earlier comment was referring to his contribution to tamil CINEMA. he’s an artist. his job is to perform/entertain. it’s not right to expect him to construct prayer hall etc. act free in movies? why should he? who would that benefit?

    have you done any of the things you mentioned for the country? no? didn’t think so, stop putting down other people just so that you can feel better bout yourself. you are not much better yourself. you’re one of the maximum waste HR i guess. “shouldn’t motivate such people leading their life begging people by dancing”? that’s exactly what YOU are doing by visiting this entertainment website.

    stop trying to be a moral police. you sound pathetic. either take it or leave it.

  6. Pechamukha

    Hey Cicak,
    U r right , i hav not done anything, nor i m begging in front of people by dancing, i think u r also tat kind of beging dancer so only u r getting anger, and i m into this website not for fun but to realize u guys wat mistake u r doing ok!!!!!! Instead of putting money for this kind of beggar utilize the same money in assisting poor children who r in Orphans, atleast they grow and do something to our country, and if u give money to this people already they started wearing 2 pieces in d coming days they will remove those 2 peices and start begging which will impact on ur own children…

  7. cicak

    haha, “i m into this website not for fun but to realize u guys wat mistake u r doing ok!!!!!! “.

    gosh, i wish you’d come with something more original than this lame excuse. why don’t you use the time u spend bashing up others here feeling all superior to do something useful instead? coz i seriously don’t think people will repent by reading your silly arguments in an entertainment website!

  8. Pechamukha

    thanks for ur kind advice cicak, I try to change my behavior, everybody dont misunderstand, forgive me.

  9. Aravind

    Hi pechamukha why u r serious for TR….loook at his self confidance…he is one of the most ugliest actors in Tamil cinema…he must have lot of guts to show his face in screen…..but he doest that without any hesitation..we should appreciate that…he has bundle of talents…but he is still in 1980s in syory and direction..he has not updated..thats the problem and often shows his face and terrories us….he is just an actor and director who is interested in money..even our top heros who get many crores per year are not spending even a megra amount for poor….i think only Surya spends some money for needy people….even our Super star has donated only Rs.50,000 for chindres who were affected by AIDS….how do u expect TR to spend lot of money….

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