Swami Nityananda:the bedroom video with Ranjitha were ‘experiments’

The controversial godman Swami Nityananda, who had been on the run from the media after his alleged sex escapades came to light, was tracked down at a hotel in Haridwar.

“I am going into deep silence to heel all the physical and mental pain caused by of all the people who so ever might have caused it

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Earlier, the swami had defended himself on YouTube.

“I want to assure all of you that nothing illegal has been done by me or by any of my organizations. I am in the process of collecting evidence against the smear campaign that has been going on against me,” Nityanand said.

However, he later claimed that the bedroom video of him with a Tamil actress were ‘experiments’.



  1. Anonymous

    He is really brave to face people even after these controversy,
    If i were to be in his place, would have committed suicide.

  2. Anonymous

    I seriously want to know why is media covering anything that has to do with hindus ??? In bareilly muslims barged in to a house and set it on fire .. people from that area has captured the atrocities in camera and uploaded the same in youtube. Search for ''tears of bareilly'' you will find people are carrying swords and sickles on the streets in a hindu dominated area. Muslim procession was restricted from entering in to this area. But, the broke the law and went on rampage looting houses and setting houses on fire. Why media doesn't cover these news ?? Why does it has to give more importance to a guy like nithyaanda who slept with women.

    What is more important to a news channel?? Covering news which are important.. like the one in bareilly, and not trolling their camera over a con guy (nithyannada) why give so much air time for a samiyar?? Why not show what is happening in baraielly.. i think minority appeasement has reached its peak … if this continues.. these very same media will bring very bad name for the Hindu religion. This is a direct attack for hindus… people are failing to think the true hidden meaning … wake up guys and girls .. understand why media is giving so much over a dead issue like nithyananda and why not covering the communal violence as we speak in Bareilly ??

  3. Anonymous

    you are correct,minority appeasement is what all the goverment and media is doing.It has become for fashion statement, you can hurt the feeling of a hindu as much as you want, they are not going to shout back at you, since none is united Or is it that Hindus are more broad minded… At the same time try speaking a word against a musalman or a christian, the entire community raises its voice.

    For example, i am not sure how many of you follow Neeya Naana,a popular TV show conducted by Gopi, two months back at the end of episode, the next weeks topic highlights was shown and the topic Burqa anindha muslim pengal Vs modern muslim pengal. Did that program get telecasted, The Community raised voice it should not be telecased and the program was never telecasted till date.Good to see them united

    Any way on the Nithyananda issue, he can no more livelife as a Swami, we dont want him to spoil the purity of the Kavi.

    Most of these english channels are congress owned, what can you expect.minority appeasement only??

  4. Anonymous

    Swami nithyanand ji, could you please describe in detail about your 'experiments ' with ranjitha. how long have you been doing these experiments ? . if you could share the results of your experiments with the general public , it would be very helpful for the mankind. The CD broadcast by sun tv was of little detail , if you could provide a full length cd , it will be very useful. further , I would kindly request your holiness, to present the results of your experiments at the international sex congress , to be held next month in America. The meeting will be attended by similar experimenters like premananda , bulbananda, vikadanandha and other noted dignitaries from india.

  5. Anonymous

    Bloody hell…Such a bullshitter this Rajasekaran is. He still has the guts to wear the Kavi clothe at Haridwar and wishes cleanse himself in the Ganges…he is going to pollute Ganges by taking bath there. I hope Lord Siva via Naga Babas will sort him out, out there.
    He first need to forgive himself before he can forgive others who hurt him. His goon (Bhaktananda) is with him harrasing media personnel, he too shall pay the price for his guru's deception.
    Doomsday for Rajasekaran is closing-in on him…such a snake he is. From all the interviews he has given so far to the media, one can see how deceptive and tongue-twister he is.

  6. prince

    Hey if you want to have sex just go and have sex dont teach bramacharyam to public and doing all sort of idiotic preaches to public.
    To get their attension and money. If your'e a real spiritual person and want to help people go and help people in haiti or the earth quake zones. Also there are people suffering with many problems help them. First change your name to just sexanandha and dont ever use called swami or swamy

  7. Anonymous

    neither hindu or muslim or christian,if they doing illegal mistakes they should get punished then only it will stop otherwise it will grow till world destroy

  8. Anonymous

    Let the bugger be, guys.
    How does it matter?
    All the bloody —nandas are the same, you cannot trust anyone.
    If the public is so gullible and want to fall on the feet of such arseholes, what can one say!

  9. Jai

    this news report is incorrect and defamatory.  please correct the article as Nithyananda never said bedroom experiments. what is the contact method for the admin to remove false reports such as these?

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