Surya practicing Juggling Video

Surya training Juggling balls Still
Surya training Juggling balls Still

Come this March 28 and you will witness the audio launch of 7am Arivu, scheduled to happen at the Nehru Indoor Stadium. Surya portrays Anwar Basha, who is a circus acrobat in the movie.

We hear from close sources to the actor that as part of the promotional events he will perform cool acrobatics for all trapeze, 10 balls juggle, and human pyramid are just some amongst the long list.e will be assisted by specially flown in circus artistes.

Meanwhile Kajal Aggarwal and Prakash Raj are ready for Singam’s Bollywood version that takes off in Goa from today beginning with the first schedule. It starred Surya and Anushka Shetty back then.Here is Mr. Perfectionist trying his juggling skills don’t you think that it is really cool?

We hope he gets everything right and doesn’t get himself injured in the dare devilry.

Best of luck Surya.Go ! GO!



  1. Rober-Christian

    dei naathaar pasangale Thamizh naatla cinema nadigargali vittal vera aale illaiyaadaa ungalukku ?



  2. Vasin

    I think Surya doesn’t look normal like Vijay and Ajith. Namba aalungaluku konjam different’a irntha porukathu. Insecurity. Basically namba aalunga bayanthangollinga. Athan Surya’la porama padranga.

  3. aravind

    Its not the look vasin…..just they r jealous of his success…..somebody is splitting and somebody is saying he is not a star……feeling pity for their lack of  knowledge…..

  4. pavithra

    vijay kitta porama padrathukku edhavathu irundha thana.. and normal like vijay and ajith? ya well, surya is extra handsome which is a known fact….and he works extra hard, it obviously pays off in the screen 🙂

    Haterz gonna hate.

  5. aravind

    vijay is a entertainer….not a performer…lets see how he would perform in nanban……hope he would does some justice to the role….

  6. aravind

    Ajith is also very good looking pavitra….i had met him once in Cbe……very smart……he is very polite and humble than any other actors……he is really a good person…..though i am not a very big fan of him he deserves lot of respect…..

  7. juju

    haha he has shown u guys he is good actor ….my friend worked with him to design his site ….he uses all bad words it seems …and will be keep on scolding Vijay itseems ….oru nalla varatha kuda varatham avan kitendhu

  8. aravind

    It might be personal enimity juju….but in general he is polite… u think polite persons should not have their own emotions…..i just cite his general behaviour…..

  9. guy

    u r a nonsense idiot! name 5 hit movies of ajith in the past 5 years? at least 3 movies which showed his talent and committment? thinking ah? keep on thinking!!

  10. Vasin

    Intha ‘nalla’ ‘respectable’ ‘modesty’ ellam fake pannikalam. Ajith let the cat out of the bag with his foolish opinion on cine industry showing its opposition to the genocide in Sri Lanka. he could not feel it because he is no Thamilan. I hate him. Vijay is not bad. He is quiet and potent so he could do some good things. However he, his father and fans seem to orchestrate too much. ‘Naanu ongala pola thaan’ nu solliye Chief Minister aayidalaamnu nenekra maathri iruku.

  11. pavithra

    aravind, if you said ajith is good-looking in the 90’s….i would have agreed with you. But personally, for me, he is too fair…just doesn’t look tamil….it was a fashion before that a man should be fair to be considered handsome. I personally don’t like that. A man should be dark, obviously not too dark. Maa-niram is the best : )
    and him being polite, i can absolutely agree with that…..that really doesn’t determine whether he is good at acting or not. Surya has all these qualities: acting, politeness, handsome and what not

  12. pavithra

    haha, simply because surya didn’t exist at that time, and there weren’t many other good-looking dudes, that’s all.

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