SUN TV NIJAM reports kalki Bhagavan ashram criminal activities

Watch Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Activities In Ashramam exposed by Sun TV nijam online

Vijay Kumar Naidu alias Kalki Bhagavan and Amma Bhagawan are the targets exposed by SUN TV Nijam Team



  1. chitra

    inum government en ipadi pata aalungala uyiroda vitrukankanu theriala..kadavul name soli ethana peroda life a spoil panitanga.

  2. Anonymous

    idhu enna ellam kanja cases mathiri theriyudhu, i doubt these people are fed with food mixed with drugs.

  3. Anonymous

    But they call themselves they are in bliss. Even real god can't help these people. I read so many people writing favorable comments for Kalki even after watching these programs and I don't understand how could they do that. Are they brainwashed to that extend? Do people really want to know what ecstacy? They are really kinda drugged and they are not on their conscious. What's for we are living? Life is very small and we are here to live to the fullest doing what we like with the people we love and definetely not to be in such state. I pity the young men and women who are spoiling their life in there.

    -Ms K

  4. Berry J. Vethakkan

    Almighty God is Immortal and invisible, Full of wisdom, love and compassion. He is omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. If we do not have any knowledge of God's attributes and qualities, we stand the risk of falling as prey to these demon possesed lunatics, who mislead people to fulfill their worldly lusts, possesions and power. The Bible says in John 3:16 " For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ". So, the only way is to beleive that Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross, and receive salvation as a gift from God. There is NO other alternative route for salvation as claimed or promised by any religious men/women. Again the salvation in offer is absolutely free. So, the ones who take money from you to show/reach God is a fraud….berry

  5. Srilatha Karthick

    We don't know what's really happening to them. Instead of just adding false news voice to some event coverage, why don't the TV crew having the guts to get the interview directly from the concerned people. They may give some details to it. As per the book knowledge, I heard crying, shouting, dancing and jumping will be possible when the Kundalini raises. But I am not sure this is that. Just by seeing this clippings, please do not conclude that they are given drugs or something. All innocent poor people in the video need not go that far to take drugs there. We don't know the truth. Anyway this news is thro SUN TV. They don't believe anything related to God or the Life energy. I am not supporting anyone. There may be false on either side.

  6. Anonymous

    I am amazed at Sun tv's execution of well planned timely broadcasting of things…they waited till the nithyananda's uproar is dimised to release this..As crazy as these people in the video is, I am surprised why chief minister who is the owner of the channel wont take any action against them..Is it because he directly cannot take any action and he is using the media power..These people not only kill the very belief of any god in any religion..And devotees of all these generation of kalki bhagavans continues to reach new heights of stupidity in this modern world…

  7. Anonymous

    Hello Berry J Vethakan, what is your business here, Your people have done enough of conversion's for money.You have to mind about the homo sexual pops at the vatican. Let people decide on there own ways.Dont interfere into others religion

    By the way Vijay Kumar Naidu who claims to be Kalki Bhagavan is to be taken under law. Seems like he is deep into drug mafia.The asharam seems to be multi luxurious star hotel.Where does he get so much money from?

  8. Anonymous

    My God! what is this.These people are not even human being,they are animals,i'm sorry ,not animals,because animals don't abuse people.Please don't fell in their hands.

  9. Anonymous

    iva na yum ivan da pondattiyayum thookula poda venum. kalki bagavaanin soothula vida venum. punda magan. avan da pondattiku oopan. ivan da sunniya arukkanum.

  10. Anonymous

    intha Ulagathula yawalavo Alivu varuthu. nithyanantha & ivana maathiri aalungaluku Alivu varuthu illayai iraiva..

    ivanellam naasamaaga poga venum..

  11. Anonymous

    ivan mattum ean kaiyila kidaichan yandu sonnal. avanda sunniyayum arutu avanda pondaattikum oppan..

    ivan na adiche saaga vaika venum..

  12. Anonymous

    Mr. BERRY u christians wont feel contented even if the whole world is converted into christianity. There are lots of christian scumbags in the name of pastors and popes still doing sex in the church premises itself. So henceforth b4 blaming hinduism clean ur religion as a priority

  13. Anonymous

    Mr. Berry or Ms. Berry you have chosen a wrong place to market your faith. i think you should only stick to distributing anti-hindu pamphlets at the railway station. Don't dare to venture in to Internet with your marketing propaganda … btw, how different are you from kalki or his wife ?? you guys are in a race to convert … you too will go to hell … also understand jeusu was just 2000 years old .. and hinduism is more than 5000 years old.. so please stop preaching us…

  14. Anonymous

    Damn it… How Sun TV was able to go so close and take this video…Why don't you put a case against this motherfcuker and that bitch? He has to be bombed into pieces. Damn it

  15. Anonymous

    How manii ppl believed in dese dikedssss… those ppl thott abt themm closee tuu gods and had bare faithhh all dese saamiyarss areeee fukin piece offf shitsssssss :@

  16. Anonymous

    as universal hero kamalahassan says"love is god"… wat this devoties r belivin in a man… don wats money on this waste fellows who say they r god… help others,help poor people or beggers then u r god.. BELIVE THE ONE WHO SAY THER IS NO GOD,BELIVE THE ONE WHO SAY THER IS GOD AND DONT BELIVE THE PERSON WHO SAYS HE IS THE GOD…

  17. Anonymous

    i m really worried seeing ppl's ignorance. though there are so many technology developments and many cultural developments, ppl r still narrow minded.they dont know whom to believe and whom not to.ppl who r cheating like this in the name of god shud b shot dead on the spot itself….i dont know why government is simply watching n telecasting such things instead of taking any serious actions. first of all our government is not proper i shud say.all indians are becoming corrupted in one way or the other which is bitter and truth.pls if someone can take serious steps then pls do it.its better if v put time bomb or rocket in these graveyards (so called ashrams) i wish all such cheaters shud die soon.

  18. Anonymous

    paradesi nayeenga…put bomb n let them go to hell….wife n husband r doing gud job chi…naai pasanga….

  19. Anonymous

    hey what is going on? could not even imagine these scenes but this is happening in our place. why still no action against these illegal activities? wat should be done to stop all these activities.

  20. Anonymous

    Fuck that BAstards !!!!! FAking the people and destroying the life the name of god……..Punish that person…!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Thirudanai parithu thiruntha veetal thirudai ollika modiyadu.. Pattukottai kalayana sundaram..(inaikku kalki nallaikku yaru?)

  22. Anonymous

    No one monitors the comments here. All bad words comments worst than Kalki's action. Correct yourself before correcting others.

  23. Ramanathan.

    Surely tamilnadu and andhra governement main authorities must know whats happening there, i beleive a major share went to both sides,
    otherwise a single man cant do this kind of criminal activities, if we need to find the solution for this problem arrest the concerned authorities and save those youngsters, We cannot find god through others, If kalki is beleived to be god, then what about vivekanatha and vallalar, ramana, Just hang the couple. A big social protest should be held from the people of affected ones, Join hands, make our society clean,

  24. Anonymous

    you have not seen it live in the ashram , the media is a real fucker…..they can play with anythin ….fuck the media ppl…

  25. Anonymous

    What are the AP and TN governments doing after seeing the TV expose.. Should they not go and get those poor people that stuck inside the ashram. These two bastards must be hung in front of the eyes of the devotees. Why are common people not protesting and making scenes in front of the ashram to have these criminals arrested? Where is the sense of compassion for the victims and justice? If governments are corrupt, the only way to deal with it is people standing up for what is right.

  26. Anonymous

    In Nithyananda's case he ran like a thief before more things were exposed about him (like drugs etc etc). What about this Kalki criminal. The idiot is so arrogant that he does not even respond to the stuff we saw on TV. Why are the journalists not hounding him and asking him about the scenes from the ashram that were broadcast, and why does someone not investigate the deaths in the ashram?

  27. Anonymous

    I think any one of us can be a next GOD in this kind of kin…. World.. LOL… 🙂

    But the TRUE fact is no one realize that GOD is inside him / her when they love others without any expectations and respects in same.

    If the one who says he is the KALKI Avatar/ he the GOD came down to save the world then he is NOT TRUE and if KALKI Avatar is TRUE then the HUMANS like this FRAUDS will no longer exist as the WORLD of FRAUDS will be DESTROYED once the Lord's Incarnation of Hindu GOD VISHNU is described in Das-Avatar.

    So Stop believing these FRAUDS and start believing YOURSELF and Love all living-beings in this World as every creature has its own space to live.

    Try to Save this world from FRAUDS….

  28. Anonymous

    ayya,amma,… naan mollamari…mudichavakki ,etc…pathurukkaen….aanal idhu romba pudusavula da irukku….avanai solli kuthamillai…ithanai loosu pasanga avana namburanga…. ada paradesingala avanum ungala madhiri thanda, parthal theriyalalya??… avanum sapduvan..onnukiruppan,etc…. loosu payalugala….avadharam adhu idhu nu sonna nambiruvingalada… pongada ngooo……….. paesama nanum oru ashram start panna nalla sambathikalam pola….adhu mattuma… nathirthana..dhinanana..dinana……

  29. Anonymous

    bloody hell…. blood boils to see this. Pray to almighty to save the innocent from such demons in human form

  30. Anonymous

    Bhavagan takes (or steals) money from the Oneness organization and then ‘gifts’ the money to his son, Krishna who then buys real estate, starts his own business and anything else he wants. They have admitted in numerous articles. I guess you can call stealing, gifts now???

    This is from Tehelka – The People’s Paper

    The ‘godman’ admitted in his fund flow statement (from 1998 to 2001) “that he had made gifts of Rs 2.53 crore” to Krishna and 'Preetha, Kalki’s son and daughter-in-law.

    From India Today
    Kalki's son Krishna is accused of diverting money from the tax-exempted trusts to promote his businesses.

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