Singamuthu Campaigning against Vadivelu Video


Singamuthu, the comedian known as Vadivelu’s bete noire met AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa recently and had expressed his intent to campaign for the AIADMK alliance.

He began his campaign for the AIADMK-led alliance in the Thousand Lights constituency, it was more like a film script being played out in real life.

Without mentioning names, Singamuthu took on actor Vadivelu on the very issue that Vadivelu poked fun at Vijayakanth: the drinking habit.

“A comedian had recently spoken about Vijaykanth’s drinking. Only I know how much this comedian drinks,” Singamuthu jibed, as he campaigned for AIADMK candidate Valarmathi.

Singamuthu did not stop with that. During his campaign, he also accused Vadivelu of filing false cases against him, and said he was jealous about Singamuthu’s son becoming a film hero.

Watch out the video for more…

Singamuthu Campaigning against Vadivelu Video





  1. sugumar

    Neyum antha mogatha thanada pathu varusham parthey. Yen innum Sucide pannikale.Ye Seynanri marantha Payale. Nanri Ketavane.

  2. Urvashi

    Tamil Nadu political campaign used to be about revolutions, resolutions, reservations, requisitions. Nowadays, it’s gone to gods.

    What is this calling each other “avan, ivan, vada, poda”? It looks like a brothel or bar. Thank God! they are not using “k***a, g*mma words” so far.

    How can these guys be leaders? Bringing the whole family for the sake of a few crores…

    Election Commission must cancel the candidature in whichever constituency abusive talks are used.

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