New Roommate 2303 short film

New Roommate 2303 - Tamil short filmWatch New Roommate 2303 – Tamil short film directed and edited by Murali

Starring: Deva,Bala,Murali,Asok,Vikram,Karthik and Saumya

Camera Naren

Shot in an apartment in NJ, USA.

Goal: Professionals sharing an apartment,try to find a new roommate for their room.

New Roommate 2303 short film



  1. vakr

    nice attempt,,,,,,,,,,,could have concentrated on the voice calarity of the dialogues………….
    i licked certain scenes …………specially the girl entry

  2. arun

    well said dude.. i really did not know where the comedy prevails here.. it was a complete mokkai package..
    i guess it is becoz of this only u have introduced lauging voices prior to release…

  3. Rajan


    I liked the guy who played the role of latest joinee in the room…His acting really made me feel such how we will feel if our room mate does

  4. Ravi

    I like the guy who played the comedy role …Not to be harsh whole story was revolving around him..It needs really some guts to play that role…I felt the other guy was trying to impose heroism by using this guy….Neverthless a good attempt but needs lot of improvement

  5. RAJ.UK

    it’s Really Awesome. and great. try to give more films  and you guys got bright future in media. it really nice..

  6. vasin

    unakellam manasatchi ye illaya.. ipdi laam comment kudukara.. neelaam appo nalla padam illa padamey paathiruka maatenu nenaikuren..

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