Maru Naal Short Film

Watch LR Network’s Maru Naal Short Film
Cast: Kobishan, Sinthu, Murali, Kash, Sangar, Das
Music: Pradeep
Cinematagraphy: Amin SK
Directed By: J Dasitharan
Genre: Horror,Thriller

Story: Every crime has it’s own consequences..

This is Dasi’s First Short Film, give your feedback

Maru Naal Short Film




    very impressive .. for the first project you have done a great job… 
    very nice edited, well done graphics and also the acting of all of you..
    all the best to your team… 

  2. Shenthil

    A very old story and is easily predictable.. almost all the scenes are cliche`d.. The only thing gud is graphics and the color tone used. Apart from that, not so impressive. Pls concentrate on the story and try not to cliche again…! 

  3. Indian

    Nice stuff. but ulaga maga mokka padam. camera kku oru mariyathai irrukku. ithalum oru short film nnu edukurangga. 

  4. TDK

    ultimate…. effort… dont loose ur hope by negative comments… u have very good sense..keep moving forward.. story is weak but visuals are good.. well executed..

  5. LR

    i jst saw this movie been posted here.. lol.. thanks for the both comments.. this was the 1st film for us.. the main reason i made this movie jst for vfx.. and i didnt even bother to concentrate on the story.. i spent 2-3 hrs and i wrote it around
    once again thanks to all the supporting comments.. and to the negative ones i’ll try to fix it.. :D..

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