Aaromale Short Film

Aaromale Short Film

Watch Aaromale Short Film.

Casting:Kalai, Nisha, Kavi, Harish, Rakesh,Jagan, Bala, Viky, Divya
Music: Jerry

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  1. june

    nonsense !! try to come up wif movies where the true meaning of love is been shown !! not suicide, suspect !! what is this…. arghhhhhh

  2. Nice One

    Nice Try guys!! nice camera work and good try by the lead actors.. But Love is something different! just one hug and a real face expression when she asks the question “whether you are seeing someone else” will right away solve the problem instead of too much of conversation. Real love takes atleast a year to develop. until then, it’s just knowing-each-other phase.. liking someone is different than love!

  3. 49ers

    neriya ponnuga yellam ippo Nisha attitude la thaan irukalunga.always suspection.avangalum vazha mattalunga mathavanglayum vazha vida matalunga. so pasangla intha mathiri mokkai figure kita matikitu sagarathavida.. summa porvaiya pothikitu padthu thoongalam….yenna solluringa..???

  4. Vishal

    Nice try but at the same time please give some SOCIAL responsibility message as it will help our people in day to day life. Like importance of nomination in banks a/c and if not what the problem have to face, the procedure etc etc…..

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