2 Idli 2 Vadai short film

2 idli 2 vadai short film

Watch 2 Idli 2 Vadai tamil short film

Written and directed by Arun Kumar

cast: Murugan,Bala Saravanan,Nattu,Baalaji,Vijayakumar Kaushik

Editing: Sharath Jothi

Background Score: Dayanand Piraisudan

Camera: Gokul Benoi



  1. anonymous

    hey guys.. very nice movie..thou my boarding during the coll days wernt like this, it just brought me all those nostalgia..simple and superb short film..

  2. Vasin

    The way they had their breakfast is disgusting. Those boys look disgusting. Their style of speech disgusting. That old guy is a fool. Why does he help them? These students would corrupt and make India unattractive.

  3. Ashwini

    I am so surprised at the attitude of certain people. These people think that they get noticed if they go against the tide. Yeah, of course they get noticed, but with at times on a  negative note. u r one such guy Mr.Vasin. U have a weired attitude. The other day when there was  a news on Prabhu and Nayan u were defending them, telling what Prabhu has on Nayan is true love and that what he had on his wife was not. Now u criticize these people who had made a good attempt. U r a big LOOSER. Go get a life!!! What do u know abt India?? This is obviously the kind of students whom u see in South TN. And these are the guys who really come up in life in their future. This is my second post here in response to ur comment and I know that I have wasted some time. But this is just to make u understand that people out there are not fools. And here on I am just gonna ignore ur posts. 

  4. S.Ramanathan

    Loved it a lot. Thanks for loading this nice short film. Every young man needs a helper to straigten him up. Nice.

  5. Madurai muniyamma

    hello vasin sir i love you  
    i studied 10th std  
    can you marry me please  
    i know to cook  
    i know to wash clothes  
    umma umma

  6. Vasin

    Hi Ashwinini

    I am not that shallow. I love my people. I know it is a good film and that is why I am worried; people would think whatever shown in the film is right. I usually don’t comment on this section because most film loaded are bad hence innocuos.

    How can you justify what is shown on students in the above film? Evey student has free access to net now? Is a final year student not supposed to bench-mark himself with his counterparts in USA, UK, France…..  You don’t go to college just to get a degree. When you come out of it you must be well rounded and polished.

  7. Vasin

    Oh come on didn’t you get disgusted when you saw them eating their breakfast? Since it is a good film you ignored it. I wouldn’t. We must do every small thing right. If we see it is not followed we must attack it vigourously.

  8. Vasin

    Ennapa ithu?

    Ivlau loosa irkeenga!

    Antha idly plates’a paarunga! Aiyoo. Ehtuku realism? Antha paiyanga alaga breakfast edukara maathri panniyiruntha – spoon’ala saapidara maathri, saambaar oru kinnathla, shine pannara plate’oda, paiyanga hair obama crop’oda illa Beckam style’oda, faces well shaven or nicely trimmed, nice T-shirts’oda and in neat dining room – evlau nalla irnthirukum. School paiyangaluku Oh namba college students aahira pothu ipdi thaan irkanumnu thonumla.

    Illa kekaran ethuku realism? Ethuku intha fucing realism? Often Perception is Reality. Alaga perceive panni atha real aaki kaatuvom.


  9. Vasin

    Antha Old Man’a paarunga!

    Lungi, banyanu, oru thundu and ulla underwera’a komanama? Ipdiya dress pannarathu vela panra edathla. He makes a mockery of the fact we are in the 21st century. Enna ponnukuku kalyanam panni kudukarathu and peranuku gundumani podrathu? Enna 5 pasanga mela avlau akkara? ithuva onnoda vela goal ellam?

    Antha 5 students’um onmela mariyathaya vechrikanga? Avanga onniya pichakarana vida konjam osathya paarkaranga; avlau thaan. Oru chinna prachnai’na onniya kevalama easitu poiduvanuga.

    Nee mothalla dignified’a irkanum. Onnoda wife, amma, appa, pullanga onniya love panna poratha? Ellarum onniya love pannanuma?

  10. Vasin

    Antha Gundana paarunga!

    Start’la avan bicuit thingara alaga paarunga! Avan thaadi! Avan pesara style. School’a padikama straight’a college’ku vanthtan.

    Hey Arun Kumar, Enna pannara nee? On padathla ipdi oruthan biscuit saapta it would make interesting watching’na nenekra? Padam on career’a drive panna thaan edukare. puriyarathu. Aana athla konjam style alagu venama? On padatha paarkaravanga atha maathri nadanthukanum engra idea venaama?

  11. Mukunthan

    Avar vangira 3000 rupaiyaa samalathukku unnakku enna tie suit katti kitta supply panna mudiyum.. see the wide angle reality.

  12. G

    Vasin ur attitude will make u vanish our of this world very soon;

    If u dont like ,just shut up;

    May be  u r a rich spoilt brat; Majority of population is still below middle class, you cannot teach us to benchmark.

  13. Vasin

    Were cowboys rich? They ate with spoons and did each of their acts with style. It is style that has made the West rich. Social mobility, evolution and economic success all require style. You say ‘Hi, I have a small proble mate, I am on foot and I am lost. Where is Garrot Lane?’ Now that is style. Do you think that biscuit saapidara gundan would do it? Do you think you need money to do it? 

  14. Attention! Be careful!

    vasin oru 9 (Aravaani) and also mentally disorder aravaani. vasin nee already ultimatetamil website la otha mutta vangitu ponathu nyabagam illaya.. intha vasin pala name la website la vanthu irukku like kavya, Jasmine etc etc….. unakku mathavanga podra comment la appadi enna gandu. unna vida nalla comment podranganu eriyutha. inimae ellathayum pothikittu iru…potha mudilana..un kuda irukura vera oru arvaaniya potha sollu baadu… unnala matha aravaanikum ketta peru…

  15. Vasin


  16. Zig

    Hi Vasin,
    I understand that you think this video is going to spread around a negative energy across the youngsters. This video is not to educate people with some good message.IF you love your people, why do you have pass around a sarcastic comment ?.  99% of the people out of college do get matured enough to get themselves a job and become well rounded to settle in their life .If you are still wondering why that old guy helped them ?. . Go to a TN college and get a degree ..  If you dont know to appreciate people , I wonder what kind of education you had to speak like this.

  17. priya

    Very good attempt..Typical Soth indian village slang and body language. The director has done a good job. The cast were equally good but much more realism in acting wud have been appreciated..on the whole good one.

    Guys ignore this vasin comment he still dint realize who is really getting fooled!!!!!

    Note to vasin: Please comment in a way tat it doesnt hurt anyone. U have all rights to give ur negative comments but not to hurt the people who have worked in it and the viewers. Only a good movie maker can be a good critic so i think it will be better tat u do wat u know rather than posting comments in which u have no knowledge abt as u mentioned earlier. No harsh feelings

  18. Vasin

    There is no question of hurting here. If there is such a thing I take in lots of abuse. As a girl how can uou be so partisan? It is a war of ideas and opinions. I know what I am doing and I am not doing it for fun. I don’t have know thr intricacies of film making. I am just criticising the ideas of film makers. I want them to see films as models; not just reflections of what happens around us. Hey get up to next higher level platform.  

  19. Anjalee

    @Vasin is educated Vetti he got no idea of wut he is talking… got some serious problem… i have been reading in almost all the articles i come across… and has no limitation to his too much thoughtful (thinking soo….) words… i am u must be a culprit in real life and trying to be smart ass in these useless… forums hahaha common wake up yo… drink a glass of water and bet take good nap… (u must have gone through alot in life talking like wise man… ) “instead learn some manners…

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