Seeman to support AIADMK alliance – Video

Seeman - Vaiko Meet
Seeman - Vaiko Meet

Industry observers were eagerly awaiting to see whom director-actor Seeman, who had been to jail at least twice in connection with the ‘controversial remarks’ he had made against the Lankan government and in favour of the LTTE, would be supporting in the ensuing State Assembly elections in a few months’ time from now.

Though everyone could guess that Seeman who also heads the ‘Naam Thamizhar’ movement, might not possibly support any party or group in alliance with the ruling Congress at the Centre, it was still unclear whether he would openly oppose the ruling DMK combine in the State.

However on Monday, Seeman met the MDMK chief Vaiko at the latter’s office and announced that he will work in support of the AIADMK alliance in the forthcoming Tamil Nadu State Assembly Elections..

The meeting, arranged reportedly at the behest of the AIADMK leadership with whom MDMK is in alliance, lasted for close to 1 hour after which Seeman met presspersons to inform of his decision to ‘support’ the AIADMK alliance in the coming elections.

The fiery Tamil activist said that the foremost job of him and his organization now is to defeat the “anti-Tamil’ Congress party.

Seeman is also said to have expressed his wish to Vaiko, the MDMK chief, that he should personally consider contesting the Assembly elections instead of opting for the parliamentary elections. Seeman’s meeting and his decision has sent ripples in the industry, most of which automatically supports CM Mr Karunanidhi and his political outfit.



  1. kk

    he showed his support to AIADMK in the by election also.The objective now is as he says to make sure Congress or DMK doesnt come.The only logical and practical way to do that is to support the opposing parties.He may have other views about the opposing parties but he isnt powerful enough now to go on his own.Strategy is fine.Hope it worrks and he gains more popularity

  2. Gandhi

    He is correct in all the ways….

    As a leader and a follower of the National leader PRABHAKARAN he needs to stand by the truth, it does not matter how may the opposition trouble him…… Of course people will realise and they have already realised abot the truth that the “Anti- Tamil” congress should suck and eat the dust..

    Congress cannot repeat the same old stories and hide the fact that it is congress which lead the war against the EALAM ARMY the Liberatin tigers of tamil ealam….

    It is pathatic to see tamilians keeping the mouth shut when their own brothers and sisters were killed.. It is all just because of the Congress and DMK alliance…

    What did Karunanithi do when all this happend?  I hope you all know the answer.. He just wanted his family enjoy all the wealth and fun.. he was not even ready to bother about the killings of poor Tamilians and he fooled the commited people like Muthukumar who burnt himself for killing poor Tamilians in Ealam..

    I dont want to repeat the stories again..;…. However the time is not too far… People will come together to work and people like karuna and Karunanithi can only have one job (they can only have a prostitution centres)…..

    They can not cheat the poor indians especially Tamilians..

    They should be punished..

    People will show that they are no more fools….. we are going to see this in the coming election…. DMK alliance can not cheat people with the crores of reppes they looted from poor people..

    There is a proverb in Tamil ” NETRIKAN THIRAPINUM KUTTRAM KUTTRAME”

    I am sure people like SEEMAN will rock and they will be commited and people will realize this soon.. people will come as a grouo together without any wrong intentions and we will have a FREE EALAM SOON.

    I would like to repeat a sentence of our leader


    May god bless you seeman….. I wish you from my heart… 🙂

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