Ranjitha admits the truth behind her Sex video with Nithyananda


Now Tamil Actress Ranjitha of the sex scam video with Nithyananda has come forward and revealed that what is shown in the video was her service and her offering to Swami Nityananda. She said that her much loved swami Nityananda was innocent. He cured her prolonged panting trouble in just one single day.

Ranjitha while having a telephonic conversation with a bi weekly said that media had unnecessarily blown the issue. She had known Swami Nithyananda for the past few years and her association with him was transparent. She added that as a true devotee she offered her service like feeding food and massaging him regularly in his personal room.

Lastly Ranjitha said that she even used to stay with him during late hours and the inmates were aware of it.

Ranjitha has not denied her presence in the sex tape and has now even accepted that she was with Swami Nityananda on several occasions. However, she denied that she is trying to cash the sex video. She further added that the she knew her Swamiji and that he was a great Atma and will come out as a pure atma very soon.

So what has Swami Nityananda to say on this? Will he come out as a pure atma? Lets wait and watch.



  1. Anonymous

    That bastard Nithyanandhan should be tortured to the core & hanged to death. And the actress need to be taught good things in life. One thing actresses please don't go in wrong way,

  2. jero

    this guy is very smart..i appreciate his smartness..but he is a black sheep..maehaaa maehaa..maee…maeee

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