Poison girl child as soon as she is born:Salma Ansari,Wife of Vice President of India

Salma Ansari

Salma ansari, the , wife of Vice President of India Hamid Ansair is not one who keeps her views behind,  after having been on the receiving end for her comments on last years Women Reservation Bill,  she is back in news this year with yet another controversial statement  “girl child should be killed right after her birth”

She was expressing her resentment and helplessness in the way the society is treating girls, especially in view of the rising crimes ratio against them. To Avoid this she ask parents should poison their girl child as soon as she born.

She might have all the rights to speak, but being the wife of the second highest dignitary of the Country, Shouldnt she be setting examples, rather than these nerve hitting talks at whatever might be the context it was made.



  1. Vasin

    See See Se……..

    This is why I say we in India don’t have a culture in the real sense of the word. In the forest the powerful and cunning rule. We settled away from forest to avoid just that. However still men rule. That means we are still not cultured.

    In West in the present context many now believe woman are superior to men not just equal. It is because woman lag behind men in physical ability only; even that itself is questioned; some people believe woman can put up with pain and discomfort better than men; Eg Pregnant Woman. Then if we combine other respects like arts, science, technology, medicine, law, style, making friends, teaming, creating a happy environment, responsibility…so on woman fare better. 

  2. Vasin

    Salma is frustrated.

    Why getting frustrated? Try harder as much as you can on the course you are in than wailing.

    India Government has to pull its weight behind girl children. All girl schools must be supplied with top food like Beef and Fish. We must make our girls strong so that they will grow up strong and would not be intimidated physically; just like western woman. Girls in co’ed schools must be supported through grants to families having girl children. Karate schools must established to train girl children. 

  3. sunshines

    LOL what an idiot! She should be killed too..even tho she is a blown up women now…still belongs to the same sex! And what with stupid people like this, our country is never going to change is it. Your are sending out a wrong message women! Either grow up or shut up!

  4. Aravind

    As long as there will be fucker and shit eating politicians like u,u r hubby and u r party supremo not only gal child,,all the people have to drink poison…..bitch….sitting at the helm of power centre and u r not ashamed of saying these kind of words…..at first u r mom should have poisoned u when u had born…..

  5. Caroline

    What a foolish idea?  It shows that the Government is unable to protect the women agains crimes? If any thing happens to their own daughter? Will she make the same statement? Good women are precious gift to this world. if there is no women, there is no world.       

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