Oru Sandippil Movie Trailer

Oru Sandippil Trailer
Oru Sandippil Trailer

Banner : Tristar Movies

Cast : M S Arulmani, Sindhu, Singamuthu, Pavinaa, Sheela

Direction : Anaivaari A.Sridhar

Production : Jayaraj

Music : Arulraj

Oru Sandippil Trailer




  1. Selv

    I wish kollytalk do not put obscene photos like this. No one will appreciate. People will stop coming to this website if this continues.

  2. change

    Thats true….. We dont like such things…. Its hurting…… Ladies are not exibition thing… They are living thing and do have values…And ladies must also have the resposibility that they sould not do such roles for just money….for which they can suffer without money and fame….

  3. socks

    true so disgusting picture, mostly when we check rajtamill for serials with family this image pops up!! grrrr so embarraising

  4. beebs

    OMG…Change your probably the only guy i have heard that said something supportive for woman on here….most just talk about how they want to bed them disgusting

  5. Big P

    come on guys.. what I see in this pic is, the girl is in a swin suit, which every miss world/universe will have to walk in this costume to show how fit they are.. this girl is not fit and looks yucky.. that’s the only problem.. if you want tamil film to look like hollywood, a scene like this is nothing wrong as long as the girl looks fit and suitable.. like Aishwarya rai in “Pride and Prejuidice”.. dont just look at the skin and flesh.. 

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