Noi Veedhi Short film

Noi Veedhi Short Film

Cast : Prem gopal, Nilo, V.P Vasuhan,Ramana,Kukan,
Music Arrangement : Vikram
Cinematography andEditing : Desuban
Written and  Directed by Prema gopal



  1. Pista3007

    Its very Great short movie. I like the final touch.. and moving sens of humans mind.
    Great acting and editing.

    Peace Of everyone

    Kind Regards,

  2. france..

    enna prem..ithu than daily nadakrathu achae..gare du nord  la….athuvum illama enna solla vara…mokkaya irukku po….ithu than un nija sogathin kathaya…hahha..nee dance liyae concentrate pannu pa…intha screen play..dhanush nadicha mathiri irukku….haha.. any how all the best…

  3. Gopal

    Good try prem.. all great people started their career, with some small step.. You are one such.. Keep it up and Keep going.

    One prayer, always don't try to give message in your creativity.. Be entertaining.. get some recognition with the larger audience first.. The stress is, if Indians once brand a person with some flavour.. then it is very difficult to come out of that.. so don't get into that.

  4. Arsenalfan

    Can you please tell me which camera you used to shoot this film?
    quality of the video is really very good.

    thnx for the video.

  5. amudhan

    Its really moving very slow,should have used any other subject. It is not at all interesting.Only the final message is okay.

    Short films are screenplay demanding,within 10 minutes u have to convey through your narration.

    Take light subect,No social message,..

    The theme u have chosen is not interesting,and poorly joined in screenplay,..

    But a good try,…

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