Nithyanandha Controversy-Nadanthathu Enna 11-03-10

Watch  Nithyanandha Controversy, covered in Vijay TV Kuttram nadanthathu Enna in two parts

To watch the first part click here



  1. Anonymous

    Nithyananda and his inner circle so called swamis must be punished, they are a bunch of scoundrels.
    If there is such thing as LORD SIVA, Nithyananda will be charged.
    I am very happy that I left this cult, couple of years ago. Some how things were not right with this organisation, from the start.
    I pray along with many others, that Nithyananda will pay for all his wrong doings and all his centers should be ordered by the Government to seize operation. He has cheated and ripped off money from innocent people selling products that are not his but borrowed from other masters. He is a disgrace to Hinduism and our Vedic culture.Those who are still with him, I pray that all of you wake up from your illusional sleep and see the REAL Nithyananda, for what he really is, his wrong doings and intentions. LORD SIVA WILL SAVE US FROM THIS PHONY GODMAN-NITHYANANDA.

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