Nithya Dharmananda – Lenin Karuppan in SUN TV NIJAM, Talks on NITHIYANANDA

Nithya Dharmananda - Lenin Karuppan in SUN TV NIJAM

Watch SUN TV Nijam Special program where Lenin Karuppan  ANSWERS the QUESTIONS ABOUT NITHIYANANDA on NIJAM – SUN TV (SPECIAL SHOW)

The controversial godman Swami Nityananda, who had been on the run from the media after his alleged sex escapades came to light, has gone invisible after having resigned as the Dhyanapeetam head.



  1. Anonymous

    Om NamaShivaya Lenin!
    I take my hats off to you for bring out the TRUTH. We were serving him for a period of Nine months and within that time frame, we were able to Study, the Charater of Nithyananda and his so called Swamis and Swaminis. They stayed in our home and they all behaved very badly, using that orange robe. I have questioned one of them, there after I was in his bad books. I am writing this from Canada.
    I was not able to connect to Nithyananda, when I saw his for the first time In Canada 2009. I regret now for going full force to do his mission. Many people who wanted to have the greed to be coordinators, bad month me and my husband. We worked for the people, never for Nithyananda, as we are the ones bringing the people in and so, we need to give them honest teachings; and we did BUT many a times I have questioned about unnecessary charges for sick kids( coming in for 2 minutes for blessings) for Kalpatharu and also $300.00 for Mantar intiation by one of his Rogue Swami(Gopal). We were able to see that they were just after money and they only liked rich people.Good work, Lenin.

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