Nadanthathu Yennannaah Short Film

Watch Nadanthathu Yennannaah Short FilmNadanthathu Yennannaah short film made by Director Nalan for the concept “College” for naalaya Iyakanur.

Nadanthathu Yennannaah  was Shot at the Madha Engineering College and Sree Kannika Parameshawari college premises

Cast:Karuna,Vairavaraj,Shankara Narayanan,Ravichandran,Sharmila
ScreenPlay : Nalan and Manikandan
Music: nandha
Cinematography: Mahesh K D
Editing: Jerome Alen,Govindaraj

Nadanthathu Yennannaa Short Film



  1. Anonymous

    What the hell, the movie maker even doesn't know how to write a single tamil word correctly. See the tamil translation of the word "engineering college" in the beginning.
    Poor fellows.

  2. Tamizhan

    I agree with the 1st anonymous.

    Proper Tamil word for Engineering college should be
    'பொறியியல் கல்லூரி'

    I think the video makers wrote the title cards while eating the snack 'Pori' (Fried Popcorn)

    Seriously many of our Tamilians don't know how to write Tamil properly. Parents must take of their child's Tamil study as well while showing their interest in making their kids into Engineer or doctor..

  3. Anonymous

    That is the state of Tamil today. Seeman is right. In another 50 years we will have a new pidgin language in Tamil Nadu like in South Africa.

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