Muttham Short Film

Muttham Short Film

Watch Muttham short film directed by Samuel Mathew for Naalaya Iyakkunar

Editing:Anthony Ruben

Muttham Short Film



  1. Anonymous

    Aww…how sweet…i thought it was going to be a scary movie, but it's a light-hearted story..i love the hero…soooo good-looking =O and charming..luv his personality..these guys are the most attractive asset for a women…just saying..

  2. sudharsana jayakumar

    short n sweet…good entertainer….*hero = awesome acting with cute expressions…esp when the gal cals him "anna" n his dance n ve gr8 smile..should try movies…*crisp n neat editing…*good choreography ..nice work allwyn…nice camera work…n the music blended well..esp the "emm" punch in between,the each time he trys for a gal..nutshell 9.5/10..keep it up…

  3. Deen

    I just¬†watched¬†this short film From Singapore..I think overall the movie went without any boring, smoothly..With the given resources which you all have it, i think overall this is preety good. Music was good, screen play was acceptable. Acting was naturals..Dressing of those acters was preety good. It would have been better if the movie could have been stretched…

    Points to improve.

    1. The Hero of this short film could have shown more aggitation as the time pass by of not getting anyone to kiss him.
    2. Also it doesn't looks nature of him to just approach a girl and give flowers and expect that person to be kissed!..Perhaps only prostitutes and bar girls could fall into this category!.
    3. The beting of him to get the girl to be kissed before that day itself doesn't sound on the story play. they should give like 1 week time….so that it could be more realistics.¬†
    4. This movie in which the guy was in the Garden, next miniutes in the restaurant(dancing, making himself like a fool, dancing in a public), and the girl mistaken him as the service boy, doesn't looks very naturual and acceptable.
    5. next miniutes in the TEmple and then the church, not possible to do all these within 1 day!!..perhaps. in the college s

    Overall those people acted or done the producing of this film has the talents.. but before doing it, the quality of taking film not only necessarily depends on the technological usage of equipment but the story line and how naturual it could go with the normal or daily life.. I expect studens or new comers like you all to break the paradigm and produce outstanding output that could make the current movie makers in the Tamil/indian film to think about their unrealistic heriosm kind of movie and bring them to reality.

    anyway guys, for the start up, for producing this kind of movies, i really shows my hats up!..Great Job..Wish you all the best luck.  

  4. arun

    wow.. cool movie.. very light and sensible.. luv the hero.. he is gud and charming.. good acting too..keep up the good work guys

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