Meenavan Settha Sagattum- Tamil Fishermen Current State

Meenavan Settha Sagattum- Tamil Fishermans State

Nothing political against kalaignar,but just to bring out of the state of Tamil fisherman families who are poor and don’t have strong political background,and who are being ignored inspite of the srilankan  Navy attack on the indian tamil fisherman?

It has a regular happening when a Tamil fisherman is killed is, typically the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister writes to the Indian Prime Minister pleading with him to get Sri Lanka stop the killing of Tamil Nadu fishermen. The Chief Minister would get an assurance from the Prime Minister that no such shootings would take place again. That assurance is not worth the paper it was written on. Shootings continue, killings continue, with no protest from Indian Government.



  1. Meena

    Sri Lankan navy wants to send a message to Indian Tamils that it doesn't matter whether you are a Tamil from Sri Lanka or India, you will be treated the same which is Tamils are slave and should be destroyed completely from Sri Lanka and India. And it is the actual intention of India central government as well. And M.Karunanithy is silent on this to keep his family and him in power. Unless all Tamil people from India elect Jeyalalitha this wont stop.

  2. Harsha

    All Indian politicians and actors are real cowards. Nadigar Sangam was going to ban Asin but nothing todate has happened. Karunanthi is sucking up to Delhi and letting down the real Tamilians but noone seems to care about it.

  3. anon

    ada thevidiya pasanga arasiyal vatheegalae.. namma india la irukura makkala kapathathunga da na… entha pundya panreengal… enna solliyum thiruntha matanga..please yaravathu bomb pottu kollungada… indian nu sollrathukae vekama irukku da..ungala mathiri nayunga ellam tamilnadu la irukurathukae…..

  4. anon

    why dont we strike for these…. ottu motha tamil nadu strike panna ellam nadakum.. bus, lorry, shops ellam strike pannanum…then automatically people realize…..politician realize… first do this….

  5. @above

    machi, tamil nadu la strike pannanum na, jananga mudivu panna, police kaaran summa irupaana??? ithuve oru ithu pona katchi naai sonna, allow pannuvan.. antha katchi kaaran ethuku panran? pozhappu odanum la…

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