Mansoor Ali Khan Urges to Protect Universe – Video

Mansoor Ali Khan at Press Meet Video

Villain actor Mansoor Ali Khan held a press meet in Chennai on Saturday 23rd April 2011. The actor spoke about the protection of our Universe from various environmental issues. The actor wanted to stop all mining processes as current methods of mining are wrong because of the way they harm the environment. He urged every one to participate in the process.

Mansoor Ali Khan Speech Video



  1. k

    well said mansoor but these press people r asking senseless questions as if they dont care about common people.. dont they have sense

  2. jeev

    We all know that these media people are completely senseless and atrocious people… all they need is sensational news so that they can continue their job and become important in their organisation, obviously they dont care about common people… 

  3. one man show

    Finally mansoor ali khan accepted that he is tryng win the election. this is all political tricks.after 2000 years he is tryng to stop everything. try to be genuine. if we want to build a house he is asking to built it from our own sand. is that make sence??? OMG this what u call indians are reall stupid. mad fellows

  4. indian

    valid concern but he has to go around the world to see the real problems than this small scale problem.. His intention will create a unnecessary mess than solving the problem and talking and giving rubbish suggestion on construction/technology growth. Issue is already in right hands and sensible people are working on it.. try not to make fool of people for political gain..  

  5. jedg

    @”to one man show “…. you need to look into the objective of this speech . Don;t take this into a polictics level and don;t blame all indian.. You r suck.. change your attitude dude..we need to support them as a human being . I hope you agree with this..

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