Khushboo Campaigning for DMK Videos


Actor Khushboo, who is one of the star campaigners of the DMK, campaigned at various places across Tamil Nadu including Madurai West, Madurai East and Madurai Central.

She called upon the voters to bring back DMK to power so that all the people-oriented schemes continued without any disruption. She also quipped that there was much more in the DMK’s kitty to be offered to the people.

Khushboo Campaigning for DMK Videos



  1. Kenny

    She just did.. and yeah she did have guts to speak that way.. have a goldspot or something & cool down buddy.. lol

  2. bebo

    OMG!!! ridiculous last time vijaykanth spilted ADMK and dmk votes which led to lose of AADMK and its allies party even thugh ADMK all alone won majority compared to DMK… this next oru sadhi.. guys dnt do this.. jsut vote for any of these parties dnt waste ur vote saying that i dnt like any of them. and dnt get into wrong assumption that “voting like as said above will create revolution ..     
    for all ur kind information:  
    DMk and its channel  1996-2000  simply telecasted jay’s house,bags,slippers,jewels and the adopted son marriage dats it ..when in 1996 election, jayalalitha total assets was raided which was nearly  66 crores and she lost majority of the seat from the public..ppl punished her for 66 crores corruption.but today only single case called  2G scam came out , from that alone DMK looted 2 lakhs crores think about their whole assets of karuna’s and his family ppl   will defiently cross more than 1000 crores..   
    ..  since DMK dint do well in that reign 1996-2000 and the same  ppl forgave her and voted Jay in 2001-2006 where DMK party cant even find any one case or corruption on her during 2001-2006  
     den in 2006-2011 jay won majority ADMK (alone) than DMK but lost due to its alliance..thru which this minority DMK gt into power and looted crores

  3. bebo

    they killed producers in movie industry where once upon a time they wer lot of producers who were in the business..  only producers are sun pictures and red gaint movies.. my god.. they messed up cinema and polictics very well..corrupted that too.. there are  numerous power cuts,no proper reply for any queries from govt officials..weak police who jiust get bribe ..    sand lobby(manal quarry).. which was the higlight of this party reign…great work.. now the sand cudnt observe water so the underrgound water is polluted and contaminated..  
    think about bulgaries in these five years, how many ppl are killed,raped,girls and children absconded…why ppl continue doing.. their reply: ” pay money to police they will get ur ppl who were kidnapped”..  
      think about illicit liquor, during Jay period, tasmac shops shud open only after school and working hours i.t 7 pm-11pm.. but now from morning till next day operating continously thru which public are affected so much and  police and his party are earning tremendous money   ..what a support system 

  4. bebo

     hope u all rembr when ppl  fighting outside law college, police just standing and watching this.. does the CM watching all these and saying that he has done  justice to his position ..shame on him and his governance during 2006-2011…  without alliance they cant win any election. hw CM must handle situation? is the way to see my ppl fighting in road running with blood.. other than his family members, this cinema minsiter karunanidhi oops chief minister was just producing and directing some stupid movies till the latest ponnar selvan.. i wud say better retire and go and contribute to ur tamil literature and produce movies on ur own and not form our money..   then we can appreciate his interest on tamil literature and for tamil..  
     hope u all remebr an incident near madurai..when a govt police servant who was giving protection to this alagiri, was assaulted and died in the road but there were 8-10 cars of this polictican standing without helping him..all they cud do was just stand in a position n watch.. bcos  these cars cant carry blooded human being.. we will pay 2 lakhs for the family compensation.. what a social activist..this govt showeredd with this 1 re rice raising onion to nearly 100 rs which s all of sudden gt reduced a month before election..  Shame being CM he never opens his mouth in parliament for the welfare of our TN and our ppl other than wipping his saliva ..     
     only thing he want is he want to die in this CM post for that he is ready to kill millions of ppl and their lives.. pls guys wake up and vote.

  5. bebo

    now we all must undstd the necessity of change and importance of it.. if at all they get into party one more time or given chance also they will sell all of us.. or they will even bcome another rajapakshe govt ..this is democratic country.. we all have rights to speak,vote and we must make use of it.. dnt rely these info and pls dnt get confuse ppl.. its going  to create great change in TN politics.. pls vote as per your conscious…   DMK party shud lose its deposit just bcos they shud undstd that ” ppl are no more fools to vote for a party who is a self-parasite fullfilling its own thrust hunger for money,sex, and all cheap works/.. ” pls vote guys.. lets make a change 

  6. bharathi

    If DMK believes that they need to be voted back to power because of their good way of ruling the state and they had good welfare measure why do they need alliance? Why couldnt they add in majority of the constituency without Cong and PMK.

  7. Karthik

    DMK pool oombi oombi Tamil oralavukku pesraaa…. Hindikkaari Punde…! Election mudinju aappu thaan…. engayellaam pottu aappadikka poraangalo…. Thalaivar Dr Karunadhi will be safe anyways… Unakku thaan aappu…..! Verum aappilla… Rape… :-p

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