EXCLUSIVE:Making of Suriyas 7aam Arivu song Oh Ringa Ringa Video

EXCLUSIVE Making of Suriyas 7aam Arivu song Oh Ringa Ringa Video

This one’s coming to you as fresh as hot kebabs that you could munch right away. Check out the making of Suriya’s introduction dance number titled Oh Ringa Ringa for his upcoming mega flick 7aam Arivu. The song has strong hip-hop flavors with a hypnotic groove implemented by our Harris saar. A totally new idea, a hugely popular location and 2 great minds at work resulting in something that can be simply termed as whackingly-extravagant.

This dance sequence was shot with a total six cameras hovering over the busy Ranganathan Streets – a favorite shopping destination for many in Chennai. The whole shoot required a record thousand dancers who rehearsed more than 3 to 4 times before being let loose by A. R. Murugadoss as he rolled his cameras left and right to capture the movements live on his gizmos. And how can the party be complete without ‘namma’ Suriya pulling off some jaw-dropping dance moves right in the middle of a surprised crowd who yeahhhed and whooed to each and every break and pull. Since there was no indication of the team heading to the location the sequence had to be halted once or twice with cars and bikes trying to make their way through the thousand dancing figures. The shoot was completed in a record 10 minutes as fans thronged the location sooner than expected.

“Watch out for this song” Suriya said it himself…. Kandipaa oru pudhiya anubhavama ……



  1. kh

    hey i jus realised that the beat seems lyk taxi taxi frm sakkarakatti. copy cat harris once again proved he is an excellent copy master from AR rahman. who knws where AR stole it 4m

  2. ARR

    Hello boss harris is a gr8 copycat. He copies most of the songs. ARR is not like that. I made a research on copycats and i can’t find more than 3 songs ( I mean tunes and not beats) Arr copied and that songs are also not direct lift.

  3. harris

    there r many suckers that cannot accept the fact that harris does better job in compostion than arr. he has a brilliant understanding of the lyrics and no noise pollution when hearing to his songs. this guy does not need a oscar to prove what he is worthy of. we are all copiers in life too.

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