Deiva Thirumagan Movie Trailer

Deiva Thirumagan

Vikram’s upcoming film Deiva Thirumagan has Anushkha and Amala Paul in the lead roles. ‘Madarasapattinam’ fame Vijay has directed this film



  1. Pechamukha

    Moonji patha Film star mari ye illa….ivan poi film le act panninirkra….adh epdi irkdo indh flm…

  2. j.renugopal

    very nice acting no one can do that much easy really superb . if u dont know to like acting other than vijay or ajith or simbu punch dialog liking plz dont critize
    acting mean need to act not that speaking punch dialog infront of camear and deviating the story and distruboing the audience and try to insert there inner feeling that become CM or PM or Pricident of America or aprica or pakestan
    this need to be stop in the tamil film industry . plz younguster dont listin these brainless people (getting brain from the film director) plz like cinema but dont follow these blody people

  3. Arun

    So what … let it be remake of whatever movie, look at his performance its amazong… no punch dialouge no heroism all that crap.

  4. Tamil Baktha

    Yes SAM, U r right…..I appreciate u, this Tamil people dont have better work to do always they copy others, they dont have thier own value, waste people in the worldare Tamilians, Fuck Tamil Language

  5. Pechamukha

    Hey Tamil Baktha
    Mind ur words, How can u say like this? tat is there own wish wether they like to do remake film or copy others who r u to ask? they might be feeling easy to do remake film instead of inventing new film, wats ur problem in this, better u keep quite, or else all Tamilnadu people will start shouting like anything, u dont know how they shout more than anything, they cant be equalised among normal human beings

  6. Kenny

    If this is just the trailer – man, I can’t wait to watch the whole movie!!!
    All you haters – go fuck yourselves!!

  7. Pechamukha

    copying from others is not a big deal, every body can do that, doing at his own for the first time is the challenge, so since this is a remake no need to apreciate only Thupriciate……

  8. Kenny

    You dumb piece of shit – no one will fuck you which is why you gotta fuck yourself – nothing can be too difficult for you, looking at all your comments – Vikram’s acting here isn’t too difficult; making a movie isn’t too difficult, so yeah go fuck yourself, that shouldn’t be too difficult either!

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