Cine Stars wished Ajith on May 1st

Cine Stars wish Ajith on his birthdayWatch the Cine Stars wish Ajith on his birthday, the 1st of May, the show was telecasted in Vijay TV as Fast Forward

Venkat prabhu shares his yesteryears experience with Ajith, few of those were why he believes his hairs turned gray so fast ,Ajith’s cooking talent at a resort in kumabakkon, and Ajith’s ECR aero pad.

Jai who considers Ajith as his God father in cine industry says he is happy to see Ajith in the F2 race representing the country.Jai is also very thank full to the star for having has helped him  in the deciding the scripts that would be good for his future, An un heard news jai revealed on the show  was Ajith who has hard core  interest in aero modelling had helped the Vaamanan team repair the heli-cam used in vaamanan shooting staying awake for a night.

Premji Amaran and Sona also wishes Ajith. Sona likes the boldness and of Ajith whith whom she has shared screen space in poovellam un vasam


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