Baba Ramdev demands capital punishment for Nithyananda

Baba Ramdev

Patanjali Yogpeeth founder Baba Ramdev demanded capital punishment for fraud religious leaders who indulge in outraging the modesty of women and said a fast track court should be set up to prosecute them. Baba Ramdev said this while responding to a query regarding the recent busting of god-men sex racket during a press conference here.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev party Bharat Swabhiman Andolan would contest the next Lok Sabha elections in an effort to build a corruption-free India. He, however, ruled out joining the fray himself.

He stressed that there must be a watch dog over such so called religious leaders, who play with the sentiments of common man by cheating them under the garb of red or saffron attire. He suggested that nothing less than capital punishment could contain such heinous crime. He said there exists disciplinary panchayats among Hindu religious leaders or ‘Akharas’ which punish the criminal but now large number of criminals or so-called ‘Sadhus’ are taking shelter of saffron dress to save them from the handcuff of law and order.

He also refused to actively devote his service to form new body to keep eye on the crime being committed by so-called god-men.

The yoga guru accepted that he has been gifted 700 acre island at Podar by a follower which he would use for imparting Indian spiritual knowledge of Yoga outside country. He denied having purchased the island. He also sought capital punishment for people involved in the corruption cases. He claimed that as corruption is rampant in the country forcing 40 crore people to have not two square meal for them and about 50 crore are without education which is matter of concern.



  1. Anonymous

    This Baba spoke on Sex and Spiruality two days back at the India Today Conclave 2010, he spoke in hindi, could not make a word out of it. Any one can translate here??

  2. Anonymous

    Baba Ramdev's techniques and remedies including Pranayama has cured me from Psoriasis. I am about 90% cured. He appears to be very honest man. His techniques have helped me immensly. You can watch his videos of cures for diseases in YouTube. I watched his video for Psoriasis and followed his prescriptions and I am completely relieved from this disease. I had been suffering from this disease over 12 years, now I am able to live like a normal man. Thanks to Baba Ramdev. What more can I say. I am sure countless others have also been benefitted by him.

  3. Anonymous

    Any humans being who claims to be God should not be encouraged and entertained.

    People should be really really careful when they meet person who declare himself as god.

    Publicity for these kind of person should be banned.

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