Angry Karthi talks on Siruthai piracy- Video

Karthi meets Chennai Commissioner for DVD piracy video
Karthi meets Chennai Commissioner for DVD piracy video

Actor Karthi talks of Siruthai dvds being sold infront of temple, colleges, etc.

Karthi reports Siruthai DVD piracy to Chennai Commissioner Stills



  1. Karthi is Mad

    Siruthi movie is not running successfully..So Karthi started blaming the CD piracy.. The same he did for Aayirathil Oruvan also..

    But he didn’t do for Paiyaa. as it was hit..

    I think Karthi might have distributed the CD to Commissioner to request the Police to watch in CDs at least as no one is going to theatres to watch Siruthai…

  2. and your name is tamilan?? honestly

    why r you bringing vijay into this…honestly. I am assuming you can’t live a day without talking about him huh??

  3. surya fan

    athukku ethukku alugura, ithukku unga anane paravailla, avanavathu padam odattee pothikkittu poiruvan , nee  policetta poi un padatha pakka cd kodukkira. ungalukkelam vera velaye illayada, padam odalannu unakke theriyadhada ungoyala, aluganumnnu thonuchuna neeyum ,unga annanum, anniyum senthu utkandhu alunga athukku ethukku intha puplicity, padam oothikichu, ippa vandhuttu mayiru 

  4. Yuvan

    சிறுத்தை very verse film I hate this movie karthi don’t act these type of films and down your market

  5. m

    Actors are getting paid in crores and hence the theatre owners are paying too much for the movies and hence we are paying too much for the movie tickets. So ultimately ivanungala kodeeswarangaala aaka we are spening too much for a movie. Thats why most of us opt to watch in CDs. So if they want to stop pirate CDs, they better have to bring down the money they get paid.

  6. Anonymous

    Alugurathu than ivango kudumba palakkamache.. stage a kodutha aluthuruvaru ivanga appa.. padam odalana ivan aluvan… pozhuthu polana… motha kudumpathayum function stage la koopitu vachu aluvanga.

  7. selva

    indha padam laam cd la pathala podhum aadukalam paarunga marana massa iruku olikuchi dhanush mass kamichikran
    kavalan laam palaya love story 10 varsham munnadi vara vendiya padam seriyana mega seriyal

  8. killiadi

    actually the movie is good. i like karthi acting but it is not better than vijay movie so shut ur mouth u loser.

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