A Kolaveri video postcard from Japan

Now this is special….it’s global and it’s hot in Japan. Words are less to explain something like this when music does all the talking. The Kolaveri effect has spread wide-wide …to the Japenese Suyok-u islands and the neighboring Majinok-u territories. (Lol…..can’t help it-u, simply Kolaverified)

Coming back to the national level, the Kolaveri earthquake recorded a 4,138,113 hit on the Youtube scale. Recent additions being, the Bachan family joining in the Kolaveri  party with Big B Amitabh saying, “Just heard ‘Kolaveri di‘ after much talk on it … its so original and catchy ..congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya (Rajini‘s daughter) .. love. “ This globally raging phenom has definitely proved the old adage right – “Music has no barriers whatsoever”, only if you pump up those speakers to ear shattering decibel levels and sit back and enjoy…Dayuumm !! we meant dance till the sun rises in the west.

Now what has to be seen is if Aishwarya sings Beti B a Kolaveri lullaby. Don’t worry Kolly folks our camera men will catch it for you after they return from Japan…..till then ….Chaiyk-u-Chaiyk-u-Chaiyk-u



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