94 year old becomes Father, a new record

Ramajit Raghav Oldest Father
Ramajit Raghav the Oldest Father

Ramajit Raghav, a farm labourer from a small town, Kharkhoda in Sonipat district became the oldest father at the age of 94 years, following the birth of his son last month, surpassing the 90 year old Nanu Ram Jogi of a Rajasthan village who gave birth to his 22nd child back in 2007.

His wife Shakuntala who bore him the child is claimed to be in her mid fifties. The couple got married 20 years back. Their first child was born in the government hospital of the town. Doctors at the hospital said that the child was delivered normally and was in good health.The couple termed their child’s birth as a “god’s gift” and named him Karamjit.

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Besides owning two cows, the couple has old age pension and daily wages as sources of their livelihood. When asked about the secret behind his long life, Raghav said that he had been a wrestler in his youth and his daily diet comprised of three kgs milk, half a kg almonds and half a kg ghee.

A senior medical officer at Kharkhoda Civil Hospital verified that Shakuntala, wife of Ramajit, was admitted in the hospital and she gave birth to a healthy male child about a month ago. When asked whether it was possible for a 94-year-old man to father a child, a medical officer said that though it could not be ruled out, but it was a remote possibility.



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