7Aum Arivu Official HD Trailer

7aam Arivu Official Trailer

Red Giant Movies, has released the official trailer for Suriya-Shruti Haasan starrer 7aam Arivu, and it is a doozy! 7aam Arivu is set to release on Diwali, which is October 26th this year. Shruti Hassan has yet to deliver on the promise of her father’s name, as all of her films thus far have flopped.

The film opens against another big budget Tamil film, Velayudham, starring Vijay, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

For now, enjoy 7aam Arivu Trailer!



  1. Smile

    Yup…..waiting for October 26.This being Shruthi’s first film in tamil,I wonder why Kamal Hassan didn’t attend the audio launch.

  2. Ram

    Shweet trailer, only thing is it is utter copy of Assassin’s Creed game. DNAla ella powerum irukkuma? Appo enga thaatha Parotta kada mastera irundharu, enakku porandhadhum parotta poda varum? enna mokka idhu directoru sir.

  3. Ram

    Hmmm you are right I would’ve probably accepted if it were a hollywood movie. I guess I expect too much from our people. And machi idhae Vijaya irundhurundha nan indhalavu yosichiu en energya waste pannirukkavae maataen.

  4. kh

    y dun u stop worrying about y others didnt attend n get on with ur life instead of writing comments all the time

  5. DK

    nanba Kh..appo gilli,pokiri directors’ku credit kudukiringala???all vijay peppy songs ku musicians’ku credit kudukiringala??all his dance steps’ku choreographer’ku credit kudukiringala???appadi kudutha pinne yein avarakku cut out..milk abhishekam yellam???like u being vijay fan..im surya fan..but the difference between them is talent and script selection..nalla velai surya is not lazy like vijay to copy movies..im proud for that 😀

  6. kh

    yes the directors deserve credit for the good movie. kk gd for surya n i dun h8 his movies. i actually like his acting ok. so u loser get lost

  7. bala

    un arivu mayirunu konjam koda kidayatha etha pathalaum ethu enga thatha otha ponnunu sollra neeya ethayaum okkamattaya potta paya

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