7aam Arivu Theatrical Trailer

7aam Arivu Movie theatrical trailer

It’s almost globally known that Suriya-Shruti Haasan starrer 7aam Arivu is going to be the biggest hit this Diwali and Suriya fans just can contain the joy.

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  1. cycle jackson

    dai cycle jackson.. people like u will never allow Indian movies to grow.. have u seen d movie?? or are u an VJ fan?

  2. jack

    Vijay fan to vijay: thalaiva.. modhalla Ajith, nethu Vikram.. inikku surya.. ethana pera nanga samalikiradhu??

    Vijay: adhukku nan enna panuradhu??

    Vijay fan: modhala copy adikamma nadika kathuko thalaiva.

    Vijay: adhu therinja ungalukku edhuku kasu kuduthu vachirikiraen? modhalla kudutha kassu’ku poi alla hero pathi thappa comment pannu..

  3. anonymous

    I’m ambivalent on copying from another movie. I didn’t know about the movie Fountain but after one of the commenters mentioned it, I went & searched for it:

    Looks like there might be some similiarities… 

    On one front I’d say, even if it’s ‘inspired’ that’s okay since I’m less likely to see the english version vs. the tamil one… just prefer the tamil masala pkging if done well by Murugadoss. Kind of like my preference for Indian Chinese vs. American or even original Chinese Chinese food (uppu sappu sumaara, masala illaama vehavaichadhu yaarukku vaenum!). Same for movies!

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