Chrome to get native ad-blocking on mobile and desktop

Chrome to get native ad-blocking on mobile and desktop

Google is reportedly planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature to its Chrome browser on both mobile and desktop platforms. While Google itself earns considerable revenue from advertising, people familiar with the matter believe that this move is expected to be made to keep other ad-blocking tools in check. This should also come as welcome news for Android users, as the usually preloaded Google Chrome browser for Android has for a long time had the distinction of not supporting ad-blocking, neither natively or via extension.

According to the reports, the search giant is planning to introduce its Chrome browser ad-blocking feature, which could be switched-on by default, to filter out the ads that will be considered unacceptable for the users as per the list of ad types released by Coalition for Better Ads last month.

Pushing out its own ad-blocking feature might help the search giant to prevent users from installing extensions, which will most likely tune out all ads instead of selected ones.


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