Get custom Gmail addresses for $2 a month fee

Gmail to allow custom Gmail addresses
Gmail to allow custom Gmail addresses

Soon, Gmail users around the world will get to choose a custom email address for themselves, albeit at a small price. According to the latest reports, Gmail is looking to unveil a new feature, one that will allow users to make their own email addresses.

Until now people have only been allowed to name their email addresses as [email protected], however, all that would change when the new feature is rolled out, something that will allow Gmail users to name their email addresses as [email protected].

Gmail has decided to charge users $2 a month for availing the custom ID, however, users will not get any additional storage space for the same. Those looking for a bit more cloud storage space, will have to avail other plans – Gmail for Work that has been priced at $5 and Gmail for Work Unlimited at $10.

Having said that, the feature isn’t active yet, but will soon be launched around the globe. Few believe, that the Google officials are trying to gauge user interest by showing it to select users for the time being.


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