Apple, Samsung working on e-SIM technology

Apple, Samsung and other smartphone company's working on e-SIM architecture
Apple, Samsung and other smartphone company’s working on e-SIM architecture

Samsung, Apple and some of the other smartphone biggies are looking to do away with the physical SIM card!

According to the latest reports, these smartphone manufacturing companies are close to agreeing on a common architectural standard for an e-SIM card, which will do away with the need of the plastic pieces we put in our smartphones to use mobile services. The report points out that hundreds of carriers around the world will announce the new standard soon and smartphones with e-SIM cards will start appearing a year thereafter.

Few rightfully pointed out, the new move will fundamentally change the way people sign up with mobile operators for their services, giving more control to smartphone giants than telcos. Having said that, the e-SIM smartphones will benefit the users and will lead to lower data charges, as consumers will always have the option to switch plans right from the smartphone.

Although local telcos may not see it as a profitable move for their business, they will have little to ponder over, if company’s like Samsung and Apple start coming up with e-SIM handsets in the near future.


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