Nokia’s Android phone breaks cover!

Leaked images of Nokia's C1 Android handset
Leaked images of Nokia’s C1 Android handset

Is this Nokia’s first Android device? Though Nokia continuously swears about not returning to the smartphone business in the next many months, leaked images of a C1 handset say otherwise!

The leaked images of the C1 Android smartphone has a distinct Nokia moniker, the company’s first-ever handset since Microsoft bought its device business.

From the look of it, the C1 seems like a smaller version of Nokia’s N1 tablet. It has a minimalist look and a 5-inch display dishing out 1080p display. Few are hopeful of the handset to have a budget-class hardware under the hood. It is said to have an Atom chip, 2 GB RAM, and runs on Android v6.0 Marshmallow OS – the last being its standout feature for now.

Should the rumors turn out to be true, Nokia fans will have to wait before they get to lay hands on the handset – thanks to Nokia’s deal with Microsoft that prevents Nokia from competing in the handset market until 2016.

That being said, many Nokia fans are considering it to be a preview of the imminent product, one that will come out once Nokia is no longer held back by the agreement.


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