Yuvan Shankar Raja-Shilpa Marriage Photos

Yuvan Shankar Raja Wedding Photos
Yuvan Shankar Raja Wedding Photos

Yuvan Shankar Raja, one of the best musicians in Kollywood, tied the nuptial knot with Shilpa, a doctor by profession, in a private ceremony attended only by family members, at Tirupathy Temple, on Sep 1st, 2011. The wedding was attended by Yuvan’s father Maestro Ilayaraja, mother, elder brother Karthik Raja,sister Bhavatharini and close family relatives.

This is Yuvan’s second after his failed marriage with London based Sujaya Rao, which resulted in divorce in Feb 2008. The wedding reception will be held at the Hyaat hotel, Chennai on September 2nd.

Kollytalk and readers wishing, Yuvan Shankar Raja, a very happy married life.

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  1. Kumaran Rajesh

    Yuvan sir indraiya Ilaignargalain uyithudippu neengal thaan sir!

    All the best Vanvaraya Musician Ulaga thin different stylish talented musician nukku Vaazhthukkal

  2. Smile

    The girl is pretty.Very homely parthale theriyudhu.She’s bowing her head and praying during the mangalya dharanam…God fearing.Good.All the best…Raja sir pathi sollava venum.Raja Raja dhan!

  3. sunshines

    @mr.smile : i think the point you are trying to make is : she is a girl who wont run away or divorce him and will tag him along in all possibilies of sikness and death ? 

  4. Anjali

    She is slightly taller than Yuvan, anyways that doesn’t matter, as Yuvan have acheived big heights in his carrier.

  5. Smile

    Yes…she is tall for Yuvan.But I have heard that if the wife is taller than her hubby,their marriage will be a success.Dunno if its true or not….

  6. Vasin

    bbbbbbbbbbba…..ey acid toungue….oru naalaiku oru nose kandipa tharanuma eniku…onkuda pesarathna ithan price a? Epdi solve naanum intha Yuvan um onnunu? MF oniku!

  7. Smile

    @ht…you are right!If he betrays her trust,nalla kodhikira ennaiya eduthu mela oothitu odidanum!Kallanalum kanavan,pullanalum purushan is applicable only to a husband who loves,respects and is loyal to his wife.Such a husband can be regarded as God.Illati,poda goyyale nu thatti vittutu poite erukanum….

  8. Vasin

    bbbbbbbbbbba…..ey acid toungue….oru naalaiku oru nose cut kandipa tharanuma eniku…onkuda pesarathna ithan price a? Epdi solve naanum intha Yuvan um onnunu? MF oniku!

  9. Smile

    @Vasin…if I tell the truth,u get agitated.Do u have culture?Do u pray to God?Do you even think that there is an almighty called God??Then how can u be cultured?

  10. Smile

    @Vasin…Bec ur a comedy piece!So I like to irritate u.Adhule enakku oru anandam…that’s all.Ok,but if ur getting offended,I am sorry.Ellar kittaiyum pesura madhiri ungakittaiyum pesurean.

  11. Smile

    @Vasin….Can’t you take jokes??Ellathukum oru vilakam kodukanum…Ok fine.I’ll be serious with you next time…like a millitary officer…will that do?

  12. vasin lover

    mooditu podi..perusa pesa vandhuta.. karumam pidichavaley.. yennoda vasin eh tease panna nee yaarude goyyale.. comedy piece ah..needhaandi adhu..nee waste piece um kooda..

  13. vasin lover

    naanga yenna raja raja illa koojana sonnom.. oru photo eh paathu odaney andha ponnoda history eh solra..
    nee road orama okkandhu josiyam paakuravala..

  14. Smile

    @Vasin lover……Anniiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Neengala adhu?Very nice to meet you.Anniku kooda ungala pathi Vasin anna kitte visarichean.But avaru konjam koocha svabhavam pole….vekka pattu oditaru.Eppadi evaru vechu maikireenga??Ungala en sarba oru silai kandipa undu…Neengalum KT frequent pannuveenganu enakku theriyadhu.Do join us when u get time.

    Naan road orama ukkarndhu josiyam pakurava illai but i know little bit of astrology.Unga DOB kudunga…ganichu solrean.Ok,next meet pannalam….

  15. Smile

    @Vasin…naan evil-ave erundhutu porean.I don’t have the habit of showing my middle finger.I have never shown it to anyone.Seri adha vidunga.Anni KT regularnu yean neenga sollale?She has also come.Rombha tension aitanga naan ungala comedy piece nu sonna odane…invite her also.3 perum serndhu comment pannalam…

  16. Vasin

    Happada Oru second aavathu I feel smarter than you. Oniku puriyal!!  Ha Ha.. Yes Yes Yes Vasin wins Yes 

  17. Smile

    OMG…such a kid.You sound as if we are both is kindergarden and you won me in a race.Grow up!You said u were going somewhere….pls go.

  18. Simbu

    inge rendu paithyakara nainge CROSS panninirukunge..antha naaingale kallale adikalama..ille seruppale adikalama????sollungo neyargale??

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