Yana Gupta wearing no inners is no malfunction


Yana Gupta the Czechoslovakian born model-actress working in India. Is known face to us after her dance in the song “Kadhal yanai” from the blockbuster Tamil film Anniyan and “Aadatanama” from the Telugu film Gharshana (Remake of the Tamil movie Kaaka Kaaka). She has also appeared in a Kannada movie named Jogi.

The sizzling diva has been away from the screen for a while, but little did we expect what her next project would be. Although no director bothered to sign her for a movie it looks now that she has effectively gathered huge attention after an incident which has placed her as one of the most searched faces on the internet. Nevertheless, she thinks there is something more worthy than her face for people to look at.

Some called it a wardrobe malfunction, but everyone was proved wrong after the actress has come forward in full glory to accept her accomplishment.

She recently attended a children’s charity event and God knows why she chose such an event as the best day for her cheap tricks.

Her skimpy clothes could not handle the camera as the lights flickered. As the cameras neared like thirsty magnets she effectively pulled of a smile in every picture that got clicked.

Great timing Yana!

After the incident a Bollywood celebrity has offered to buy her a decent innerwear.

But who will tell this celebrity that it doesn’t work until there is someone who would keep reminding her to wear it.

We caught up with the actress just to confirm if the photos were fake.

Alas! To our surprise Yana accepted without a hint of embarrassment that it was all true.

“I used to be known as an item girl. Now I will be known as a no-panty girl. I should do an ad for some underwear brand with a tag line saying: ‘I’ve got them NOW’.” She effuses.

So much for an underwear brand we thought.

Before you head towards the pictures, please note she has a humble request to her ardent admirers.

She clarified,

“For past three weeks I have been rehearsing for a particular dance television show. While doing all the splits and various crazy dance moves, I kept getting irritated by my panties getting stuck in my a**. Now imagine at all times I am being shot by cameras as I rehearse so it just didn’t look good that after every crazy step I’m trying to adjust ‘myself’. So I thought I’ll sort out the issue by simply not wearing undies”
She continues, “That day I had no time to go home after rehearsal in order to make it to the charity event. I packed my bag in the morning, put my make up, dress, shoes in it but guess what I forgot! Yes I openly admit…I did forget something ‘slightly’ essential to pack. I just pulled my dress down every few steps, but it didn’t help! I had no clue it could be seen. I had no clue till I saw the pictures today, now should I cry over this?”

She calls it as the officially funniest day of her life.

She further requests her fans, “I have only one thing to say. For god’s sake! Stop looking at those pictures! I don’t want anyone getting heart attack here,” she signs off continuing her laugh.

Yana has shot into limelight with a cheap trick. We hope other aspiring actresses don’t follow such immoral standards.

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  1. unnai pol oruvan

    Pls dont do this again. This is embarassing for cine industry, though its a visual treat, show them in other xxx movies, not in children functions. Anyway dont try to do this .

  2. lol

    If it’s her problem… then she should not reveal her self like that to the public..it’s like she did it on purpose.. to cause attention 🙂 .

  3. prata

    she didnt reveal to the public its the stupid horny photographers who have to photograph under her legs instead of her face. get that straight

  4. priya sri

    so sad of her she z wearing her panties dont blame as a women she wil definetly wear her inners its al false news…. 

  5. suriya

    whATever it is just leave it …………. don’t publish like this unnecessary news…
    and it seems that she is not that much of poor girl (WITHOUT INNERS).

  6. Oh My Gosh!!

    that is a true news hahah check it she herself giving an interview on this, finally the ruth came to light she did that drame to get a chance for a nude pose now. shez getting paid 1 crore for a nude pose

  7. Oh My Gosh!!

    pavam indiala climate seri illa ore mazha, athula ava jatti kayala pola. avasarama odi wanthuta appidiye,.

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