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  1. Nothing But the Truth

    How if it be like this .. Let us put set of rules and whomever sign it 
     DMK AIADMK….. can rule the Tamilnadu
    1.Now Mr. K or jay can travel all the places every nook  and corner so these pple can go twice a year or atleast once in a year and help the poor pple by finding their problems 
    2. Employment
    3. Poverty can be reduced 
    3. Children shuld get proper quality of education
    4. Minimum wages for farmers
    5. No one shuld get money under the table …… corruption…

     …..lets put rules and let these pple follow as leaders not we follow them … Let us have someone like What Shankar portrayed in his Movie Mudhalvan … 

  2. Nothing But the Truth

    I want one common Indian lanuage … it may be anything but all can speak even if they are from different states…

  3. nanban

    Guess point # 3, going to misserably fail, as Karunanidhi have made the decission from next years its samacheer kalvi 🙁  CBSE schools have increased their donation fees, matriculation schools are closed or transferred to state board, god save TN

  4. Urvashi

    India Today – ORG poll predicts, AIADMK/DMDK – 165+; DMK+Cong 65+. Let’s see how true thisi prediction could be. BTW, Vijaya Kanth did not assault his party man, he just pushed him down so that he sits properly inside the van. Media is just blowing a piece out of proportion.

    Let’s give another chance to Amma who may implement a modi model in TN. Both Modi and Amma are leaders without families. Hope, Amma can stop TN becoming the erstwhile Bhiar; starts changing the image of TN as Modi did.

    JJ should follow Narendra Modi and Nitesh Kumar in TN. If she can change the state of affair of TN for betterment of TN, she will be the goddes of TN politics.

    Corruption-free government is very important. Also, all the legislative members must have 100% present in the assembly or office. Must visit the respective once or twice a month.

    TN has lot of advantages in attaracting FDI having a large pool of skilled labours, stable weather, good connectivity, less crime rate, decent literacy, above-average infrasturcutures, good enlish speaking resources, stable politics, safety and security, independent film industry, closer to Bangalore and Eastern
    and Pacific countries. 

    If JJ can reinstall her “rain harvesting” technique across TN and connect rivers in the state, then water scarcity can be significantly reduced; she can be a role model in utilizing natural resources. TN is one of the top wind energy producers in the country, with that electricity demand can be addressed.

    Only request, she should  not stop any on-going projects signed by DMK in the name of vengeance. She should not change her secretariate, the new library, etc.

    She should change the image of TN, which is at present considered to be the EPICENTER OF CORRUPTION in the country.

    Otherwsie, Amma seems to be set for the drama for the next 5 years in TN.

    Wish her all success!

  5. girly

    hey super ya.. if at all it happens,I will be glad to see any chance of improvement in the welfare of TN ppl.. I hate this DMK party and their stupid malechauvinism society where noone gives respect to ladies and women in public place.. govt servants shud do their job..hope things change.. I belive lot of rapes,theft and corruption happened in this bloody ten years of DMK reign by this kelam karunandhi manda.. I hate him..if he is too old, its better that he take rest rather giving him to chance as CM. he just sucks and his bloody daughetr kanimozhi and his all children from all affairs.. bloody family.. if AIADMK wins, I will be really happy not for Jay but atleast this bloody DMK  party shud be slammed by TN ppl.they shud understand ppl nomore depend on money and quarter for vote..they are no more fools to belive their freebies.. shame that he cant do anything in last ten years… idhulla he want to get in to guniess book of record for his service in politics for more than 50 years.. for that reason evryone must vote against this stupid DMK party rather writing and abusing in blogs..

  6. jo


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