Visha Nagam Movie Stills

Visha Nagam Stills
Visha Nagam Stills

Cast : sridhar, mayuri

Visha Nagam Movie Stills

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  1. ew

    ew. this is very degraading. and she would be prettier had she worn more clothes. she is not fat fat, but she defn. cant pull it off.

  2. gal

    i would appreciate if kollytalk kindly refrain from posting such pictures.. it doesn’t speak gd of this website.. i see recently alot of these kind of posts.. is it bcos the admin is changed?

  3. Mr.X

    பாத்துமா !! கையில இருக்குற பாம்பு ??……புத்துக்குள்ள போயிரபோகுது  ???

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