Vijays Charity Saves Boys Life Stills

Actor Vijay’s Charity helps Kid Yashwanth  by having paid the full amount for his Kidney Surgery. Ashwanths hails from a poor back ground in Andhra and Suffered from Kidney complication that was  declared a rare disorder, and when he approached actor lawrence’s trust. The Dance master referred Yashwanth to Actor Vijay who promised all the support and help he could. And the Ilayathalapthy also got in touch with Dr. KR Balakrishnan at the Malar Hospital in Chennai who in turn treated the boy in spite of doctors at various hospitals of  Andhra had declared  Yashwanth  cannot be treated.

Vijay with Raghava Lawrence and Yashwanth stills

Actor Vijay Saves Boy still 1
Vijay Charity saves Boy's Life 1
Vijay Charity saves Boy's Life Still 1
Vijay Charity saves boy life Still 2

Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 4
Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 5
Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijay Charity saves boy life still 6
Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 7

Vijay Charity saves boy life

Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 9
Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 10
Vijay Charity saves boy life
Vijays Charity saves boy life Still 11


  1. sami

    hey vijay good man u saved a life in real time withou any stunt or some funny moves like ur movies.keepup the good work.

  2. S.Ramanathan

    Good work Lawrence Master and Vijay Sir.  May God Bless your kindness and generosity. Ashwanth get healthy and live a fruitful life.

  3. idiot MOON

    This is not a personal publicity, when u come to kno such news even u can send a person (who needs help) to the charity or personaly to the actor. Y don u think this oso as an awarness IDIOT

  4. anon

    good to hear. vijay is a big name because of fans like us, who have supported him big time. So it is his duty to give back to people from whom he had got the support.

  5. salman.n

    விஜய் லாரன்ஸ் நல்ல மனிதர்களின் முன் உதாரணம்

  6. sarathi

    This is called [politics] if any one do something they do with out any advertisement. vijay always do with more add. keep doing the good but dont publish it. be like rajni i worked in his trust i know how he does.but any way something ahs done for the good of some one.

  7. ARUN

    hello Mr. Sarathi…. saving a life is not a small ting v cant imagine……….. encourage peoples when they r doing some gud tings…. he is not a politician to get vote from tis…. he is a normal human like us……         1Rs. kudu ku rathu kum manasu venum…. tats y he is on d top….

  8. nandy

    dai dog unna mathiri aalunga irukurathala thaan innum naamma naadu uru padama iruku da .

  9. guna

    illaya thalapathi vijay sir and larance you are save on human life, its good to motivate the other person to help to the peoples. continue the job.thanks to save the child i pray for us.

  10. sakthi

    god bless u yaswanth my prayer for u.vijay anna go bless u and your family.i m a big fan of you.thanks for lawrence anna to approach our thalapathy. vijay always rocks

  11. unknown

    y wanna say talk bout rajni……if he is doin some gud things….of coz it will b’come a publicity news…ma age is 20 i didn’t heard rajni saves lyfe or anything….tat meanz he didn’t do anything….wen he introduce a new face must b a karnadiga….c de movie valli…hero,heroin n villain all 4m karnadiga…u tamil nadu people keep saying tat he is a god…morons ……ask rajni donate 1/2 of his money 2 de poors in tamil nadu……..

  12. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu.......

    super thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………. kavalkaran………….

  13. sarathi

    hi arun. it is again sarathi. I respect vijay as a human i can give 50,000 for his trust. i dont need any publicity for this, but doing these kind of things and going in front of the media and showing i ve done this publish in ur TV and news paper This is absalutly irrelevant. GOD never says this.He is a multi millionere this is a small thing for him why he want to show this? BUT i pray for vijay and that boy.

  14. sarathi

    hello mr.Unknown i worked in rajnis trust may be valli is for karnataka. we r indians see tamil politicience how they are why rajni has to give.he is like us working and giving some money to some one with out publicity thats what we need. ultimately god bless you. take care

  15. me

    I’ am not a Vijay fan.. but now I have huge RESPECT as a person.. to Mr. Vijay  Well coming to the point..  Dei Moon: I think you will not even help someone with a glass of water, who is going to die in seconds..  then why the fuck would you care to come here to this open forum and comment on someone who does something for a good cause ?? will you shut your fuck up.. ? you atleast try to have a life for your living …I dont think you have one at the moment. try to change your attitude..  Now: dont bloody try to blame or create conflicts between Ajit & Vijay Fans..FYI,  I’ am not either one of them..  JAI HIND..

  16. sweety

    Iam not a vijay fan…as well as not a lawrence fan…
    But lawrence is a kind hearted and helping person…
    vijay can do many things like this…
    Keep doing like this vijay ad lawrence…
    Really….keep it  up….gud luck….

  17. Vasanth

    viajy a great human wiht full of social responsibility… & once again he proved that by giving rebirth for this child…. do it more mr.vijay….

  18. praveen


  19. kesh

    That was good deed but no need publicity mr vijay ….. lawrance is doing many and pls there are many many people helping behind screen . No publicity stunts like taking pics n press meets . help many and u will get ur blessings from god anyways ,u need need convey us these as we r doing since childhood.

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