Vijay fans celebrate Velayudham Release

Vijay Fans Celebrate Velayudham Release at Kamala Theater Stills & Video

Vijay fans celebrate Velayudham Release

Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Deepavali bonanza Velayudham had a great opening and still running to packed halls and making big collections. The movie made at a budget of 45 Crore has already grossed 40 Crores according to trade circles. Following the success of the movie, Velayudham is being screened from the second week at Kamala theatre in Vadapalani, Chennai.

The ardent fans of Vijay tonsured their heads in the Lord Muruga temple in Vadapalani and then went as a procession to watch the movie. Fans (including a female fan) also carried milk pot on their heads(Paal Kaavadi).

Here is the exclusive stills and Video from Kamala Theater.

Fans Celebrate Velayudham Release at Kamala Theater Video

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  1. jenilia

    That movie was an crap and these people clearly have no work to do.. they will wait till Vijay becomes an politician and then demand for post in his party so that they can loot the tamilians!

  2. Soola Karuppan

    thats what u think because that’s what you’ll do if u are in power !  These fans believe in the good and do good things to the society and they helped change the dictatorship – u want to lick surya’s feet go ahead and do that but dont post such nonsensical things without knowing what you are saying .
       As i said – dont judge others by your standards -period.

  3. Soola Karuppan

    ethana kodi kuduthaalam ippadi oru fans suryavukku kiadaikaathu … so dont have vayitherical folks  . In fact surya fans are so sophosticated – they can only criticize in these forums – they cant show MASS – but Vijay fans are both MASS and Class – A, B , C -ella area’layum enga annan Vijay Gilli Daa .. modhi paakanumnu kanavula kooda nenaikaathinga..

  4. priya

     Govt is giving everything free . These people don’t have work !!!!!!!!!!!!don’t waste your time like this ………… Better do some social service..

  5. tamilan

    after MGR and Rajini  only our Thalapathi has this mass and also i dont think any of the future heros will gain this. Valga Thalapathi

  6. maran


  7. BLACK

    i feel like slapping the woman who is dancing.. bloody hell.. vijay is having a success party in his house.. why cant he invite his fans for a success party, after all this “SUCCESS” is bcos of his fans rite? such a self-centered guy.. he knows whose b*lls to lick for his future films!

  8. guest

    You Stupid SK, Vijay is a nonsense. What he knows about TN and India. Did you watch his old movies in early 90s. He acted like a cheap fellow. You and all his fans are cheap and it reflects from your comments 🙂  SK is cheap fellow not worthfull to hear his words 🙂

  9. Smile

    Eppadi porukithanama behave panranga konjam kooda decency illama….Che thoooo….Paal kudam,kaavadi has some significance.It is related to God.Oru padam hit aachu illai aganumnu eppadi seiyarthu konjam kooda nallathile….kadavuluke adukuma??Eppadi aanavam pidichu nadakarthale thosham evanungalukum evanga panra kariyathale evanga thalaivarukum than.There are so many ways to celebrate success but why do they insist on playing with faith….cheapskates.And look at the lady….she thinks it’s so cool to behave like that infront of men.She is spoiling her own image.Does she think Vijay will appreciate her for this act??And to people who support this silly act,shame on them.Some people will never learn.Sigh….

  10. manithan

    manasakshi ulla  entha manithanum itha anumathikka koodathu…..thayavu seithu thalapathy avargal rasigargal intha maathiri panam matrum naerathai veenaga selavalipathai thavirkkumpadi arikkai vida vaendum…ithanaal yaarukku enna laabam???….mass gethu endru maayayai poosi kondu appavi makkalai payan paduthi kolginraargal….makkal manathil iruppavan endrum iruppaan…ipaddi ellam seithu kaata vaendum endra avasiyam illai….ithu miga kodumai….tamil naatin intha nilamai…

  11. usha

    yes it’s true.. see extract from one of the sites:

    Vijay fans, including both men and women, were seen carrying milk pots and Kavadi on their heads and headed straight to the Kamala Theatre from the temple. They performed ‘Pal Abhishekam’ on the vinyl banners which had Vijay’s photos placed at the theatres.
    This event was organized by the Vijay Makkal Iyakkam’s G Bhaskar, R Raviraja, C Rajendran, AC Kumar and PRO PT Selva Kumar.

    Vijay and his dad should hang themselves for behaving so cheaply.. so many babies suffereing without milk and here these idiots celebrate by wasting milk.. very disappointed with vijay.. all actors should condemn this act.. the same thing happening very often recently.. bcos of this kind of mentality only we indians are still backdated!

  12. htt

    i m a vj fan but pal kodum and kavadi is just way too much.
    Pal kodum and kavadi  are done for religious purpose one shud not abuse for senseless reason.

    A movie is just an entertainment.

    I am very upset about this and there shud be a control on what vjfan club organize to celebrate vj movies.
    Have control please!

  13. vasin

    loosu pasanga tholai thanga mudiyala poi pula kutigla padika vaiga illa athugulam ungla mathri pal kudam thiyru kudamnu aliyum … when this people will realise entertainment is differnt from real world … morover this stupids don’t do the same for sports people who do things real ….

  14. Nikki

    Bunch of good for nothing loosers. Maybe vijay should disband his fan club like ajith. Imagine what happens if Vijay wins oscars like a.r Rahman?

  15. Smile

    that’s it….these idiots will build a temple for Vijay and conduct prayers and other stuffs like they do in real it is,it was such monkeys who portrayed him as God.would they hesitate to build a temple?

  16. vendu

    Vellayutham uttttteeeerrrrrrrrrrr flop…. and please dont cheat people who had not watched this movie. 

  17. rithu

    If you see vijay and the whole community of vijay fans seems to be very local, semi-barbarians,uncivilized that includes online vj fans community as well.   they dont even know how to write comments in a decent way like SK is one of the classic example.   This is all not about who is great and who has mass but it is all about diginity, see his fans in the pics at kamala theatre, yakkis, i feel pity for them for being so ignorant that includes our online friend SK. SK – how much you are paid by VJ and his father to write such comments.   it does not matter you are rich or poor, see the ladies over there are all so called VJ fans and this waht they call it as MASS, it is not MASS it is a MESS.  If this is what MASS means,  Suriya does not need any such MASS.  Guys, pls post your critics in a decent way not like SKKK…

    Vijay Fans are as follows
    bitches like the above pics with palkudam
    future rowdies
    koyambedu market
    rahini,rohini kamal and local theaters where the above said audiences visit

    Now whoever reading this post will know what kind of fans VJ has and assume/confirm who ever writes comments indecently are all part of the above groups so dont even rpl to them.
     SK must be from the above groups i hope so.  SK pls dont post your comments here , go to kamala theater and lift PAAL KUDAM and then VJ UCHA(URINE) KUDAM. byee

  18. Chennai

    well said.. the thing is we need to educate people from koyambedu market etc.. the difference is we want them to educate and grow up but Vijay and his dad wants them to stay there itself and make Vijay the next CM..

    about SK.. he qualifies for all the qualities which u mentioned in Vijay fans.. I dearly hope Vijay does not pay him!

  19. fazlur

    First of all South Indian people should understand that movies are just to entertain yourself. I don’t get it why doing such things like these people were doing for just a movie’s success. I don’t know when my people gonna understand this. 

  20. fazlur

    I am from chennai too, but i don’t live there anymore. This seems crazy. I don’t understant why people are not getting the sense that movies are just for entertainment. Wasting money on celebrating a movie’s success, you could rather spend it in many other ways like for your children school fees, taking family on vacation and “helping needy people.” All I gotta say to my people is wake up! We got alot other things to do other than wasting time infront of movie theatres doing such unimportant things.

  21. Smile

    @rithu.agreed to all ur points except the last sentence.Carrying paal kudam is divine.Pls do not compare it with that fella.

  22. Soola Karuppan

    I realize that I have sinned. Going forward, i become a surya fan. Thanks friends for enlightening me about this stupid so called thalapathi.

  23. Smile

    Nijamave thirunthitingala????Ethule etho ull kuthu erukunu naan nenaikiren…Vijay fans kazhutha aruthukitu savangale thavira oru pothum avanga thalai(vali)vara vittukudukamatangale and that too for Surya.So it’s hard to believe that an ardent Vijay fan has reformed….. =-O

  24. jack

    soola karuppan if a person having mass appeal defnitely people below the classes they went on crazy beyond tis kind of things for ex take rajnikanth his fans also doing tis kinds of immoral activities like wise the next super means people can do this ithukala poitu nee surya fan convert nu sonna stupid smile solra mathiri irukku da i think u r not true vijay fan

  25. neutral fan

    i regularly visiting more cini website if i gets time i used to saw every news but the majority of the people who puts comment largely only for vijay articles when compare to other actors this clearly shows the mass where some one used to criticize vj but some one gives positive feedback to vj in this site most of us criticize vj yes vj does crap movies till date but his last outing velayudham turned out to be a huge hit by reviews and critics vj fans are really celebrating it his upcoming venture like nanban yohan arm film al vijay film ameer’s kannabiran i dont know vijay popularity rises day by day

  26. Shame of the world

    1st unga parents ke pal kavadi edunga…………………..
    aparum hero ke edekelam…………………………
    no. 1 super world class uneducated people…some of there

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