Vijay donates rice bags for Kaavalan Victory Stills

"Kaavalan" Vijay helps the Needy Stills
"Kaavalan" Vijay helps the Needy Stills

After a string of box-office flops, actor Vijay who nurtures political ambitions has now turned to bovine blessings.

In what could be described as a different New year gift, Vijay on Saturday (Dec 4,2010) presented free rice bags to 300 poor families at Vadapalani, Chennai.

The actor, personally handed over the bovines to beneficiaries at a function. This gift was donated for the victory of Kaavalan which has been facing releasing blue due to many hurdles. Director Siddique also spotted in the function.

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  1. Vasin

    Arisi Mootai level’ku erangitaru! Epdiyavathu Jeikanum’nu! Jaicha style’oda jaikanumpa! Style first. Substance second. Eanna Style is equivalent to Compatibility in SW. Vijay is heading in a wrong direction. I like him but he is loosing respect.

  2. wat

    summava??? his next kuri is to get into politics. so he is trying to make his foundation lately. watch him closely.

  3. aravind

    hmmmm suddenly he has became aware of poverty…….i think the value u have spend for rice may be around 5 lakhs…but it seems u have spend moare than 2 lakhs for the function……..boss yenga ungaluku entha vilambaram….neega yerkanve popular thana apprum enna??????ohhhhhh sorry sorry neegalum CM aga poreengala….good

  4. aravind

    hii brandy just giving on sack of rice wont make the people to get away frm poverty…more over tamilnadu is not in such a pathetic poor state wher these type of donations are not needed much…..atleast giving them tailoring machines,iron boxes which would make them to work will do much better…..that too in chennai where the job opp are pretty high for all sect of people

  5. Vasin

    Ithu ellam oru polazhppu.. epppadi pichai edukurathukku thooku pootu sagalam… politics la vantha ellathaiyum kooladichikittu poidalam la…thu….

  6. aravind

    thkz for ur reply brandy….but its because of these type of people only poors are made as beggers…….he is just doing it for image building…….

  7. simon

    but altleast he did something good for other people…..will you do it??..just shut ur mouth u asshole..

  8. durai

    hey vijay antha que 4 to 5 members pathae ah???ellam unna vachu padam pannuna producers than…eppo avanagalum pichai edukurangalam……unnala ellam unnala….have u remember producer Mr.G.V….he commited suicide bcas of u rflim tamilan

  9. aravind

    i am also donating for people according to my financial back up…..there r many other people like me….they havent put any stage and donated…bcas they r doing this for their self satisfaction…not like vijay who was looking for take off in politics……..he made 300 families beggers…..i feel pity for morons like u man…

  10. anonymous

    ellaam indha S.A Chandrasekhar vaelai..thaan seyya mudiyaadhadhai magan moolama seyya pakkiraru, adhavadhu politics’la..ippave foundation podraru..paavam indha vijay..daddy pechai thatta mudiyama mulikkiradha paaru..

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