Vidya Balan Dirty Picture latest stills

Vidya Balan Dirty Pictures Stills

Check it out! Vidya Balans dirty looks …..oh! we meant the Dirty Picture photos of  to-be glamour siren Vidya Balan. These are some of the latest photos that are doing the rounds in tinsel town and dropping some eyeballs in the process. Seductress Vidya Balan is seen in a range of looks in this new bunch of Collector’s edition pics.

If it’s a heart-ful Vidya in the first photo , we get to see a lotus Kumari in the next one (now is it just us who can spot some form of divine intervention in this one…anyway), another one has Vidya in a ‘racquety’ tennis outfit, and how can we forget the one where our 61 year old Naseer sir ‘professionally’ supports a pearly-pink Vidya staring up in the sky ( wonder why? enhehehe ).Oh and those of you who dint like all of the above we got a fairly decent looking Vidya teaching you some good lessons in her classroom (Ok  serious!…our photographer couldn’t do much about the slip, click to the next article before it’s too late.)

ENJOY… Machis!

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  1. mmm

    Till now I thought they are depicting silk’s life but it seems they creating new modern Silk ‘Vidya’… Seems there are not enought ‘Silks’ in Film industry

  2. Smile

    Eppadi eppadi ellam nadika mudiyudhu???Doesn’t she feel like covering the front…Panathukaga eppadi ellama?? :-[

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