Chennai 16 Shooting Spot Stills

Transgender Rose’s dance at Chennai 16 On Location Stills and Videos

Chennai 16 Shooting Spot Stills
Chennai 16 Shooting Spot Stills

Trans-gender Rose Venkatesan, India’s first transgender television show host, is currently acting in a significant role in an upcoming film titled Chennai 16. The film’s story is a tale of a transgender’s journey to womanhood. Here is the Chennai 16 On Location stills and Video.

Chennai 16 Movie Shooting Spot Video

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  1. black

    yeah man they only say not all transgenders are pros****** and only society makes them one, but look at her, she is a disgrace now, she will have no standard to talk abt morals in any public show now!

  2. kh

    omg i fell of my chair by laughing at this. disgusting! i agree with you smile. tamil cinema is becoming worse.

  3. ginger

    @smile, You are being racist.. they were born that way and why dont you allow them to get up in life rather than allow them to beg in trains!

     The same god who created you created them.. Anba shivam!

  4. kh

    @ginger fuck off. was i being racisit? do you know what racisim is? please don’t bring srilankan issue here. i’m just shocked at her dressing. nothing else. im nt against people lyk tat. just piss of u prick

  5. smile

    see I am not racist or anything I respect them and I wanted to say that tamil cinema which was exploiting ladies now exploiting them

  6. Smile

    @Wow….one whole day I don’t turn up at KT…lo and behold….a useless clone of mine takes my spot to give comments….marvelous!People,I am the original Smile and I never gave any comments in this page till now….so don’t come on me…hmmm time to login with my email id…. =-O

  7. ...

    podi nayee every time u talk rubbish n be ready with ur justifications wen people go against ur comments. Nobody is missing ur shitty comments get lost. U begger.

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